Ice Cream All You Can At Blissful Delights– The Best Summer Barkada Treat!



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Ice Cream All You Can At Blissful Delights– The Best Summer Barkada Treat!

It’s a reunion of High School Buddies! me, these folks, and the one taking this photo


When In Manila, (sweat wiping) it’s summer time! Where is your barkada’s  first stop this summer? If you  haven’t decide yet, and you want something cool and affordable at the same time, my very first in the list of suggestions would be Blissful Delights Ice Cream Station!

And yes, you’ve seen this shop before. It was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho for having the Unli Ice Cream offer, and the 18-scoop Ice Cream challenge.

Upon watching that episode, I immediately group-messaged my long lost High School buddies for an Ice Cream treat at Blissful Delights.  I’ve known these folks for so long that I’m very confident that a “No” answer is just a state of mind for this case. And that invitation just gave me very excited responses, with 100% confirmed attendance from them. See!


The 3 Blissful First Impressions

Situated in Sta. Cruz, Manila, our impressions upon hearing the shop’s name were the following:

1. They make their own Ice Cream

2. They ONLY serve Ice Cream

3. Prices are “can’t afford”!

So aside from the unli-ice cream experience, I guess those 3 things were also what my gang was there to find out!


The Scoopful of Ice Cream

We were really excited that time that we can’t keep ourselves from asking Mr. Hensson Chua, the owner of the said establishment with so many questions.  He informed us without hesitation that they don’t produce their ice cream. It all came from Big Scoop, the shop’s only source of  delight ever since they started last year.  For those who haven’t heard about Big Scoop, it is also the source of Yellow Cab and Sofitel for their ice cream. Aside from that, Big Scoop ice cream is known for its compact, rich and creamy state. Pretty cool isn’t it?

I guess this one’s made clear. They have a partnership with a high-standard ice cream brand that they need not have to make their own ice cream. Case closed!

 bli8ssful delight-11Big Scoop— where the blissful ice cream came from


Meals Before Ice Cream

Maybe some people enjoy eating ice cream anytime they want but for me, I prefer it to be an after-meal. Good news then, ’cause they also serve lunch and merienda! Though an “Ice Cream Buffet” specialist, Blissful Delights’ menu includes rice meals, fried meals, and other snacks suitable for friends spending a special bonding moment. I guess it answers case 2 without any miss.

bli8ssful delight-4Alright! Rice meals and snacks are ready!


bli8ssful delight-1

the not-just-your-ordinary fries and mini-turon


bli8ssful delight-9

The special fried rice that can complete an entire meal costs 99 Php for a single order. For a group of 6, like us, 2-3 servings is more than enough!


bli8ssful delight-10

Since we’re all pleased with the serving and the taste of the special fried rice, our under no-rice-diet friend, Grace, even cheated just to experience what we’re talking about. Haha!


bli8ssful delight-2

Savory Dory. This serving head starts a great lunch! Available at a convenient price of 139 Php per serving.


bli8ssful delight-8

Buttered Chicken! Definitely a must order for a barkada meal! 6 pcs for only 149 Php!


bli8ssful delight-5

I guess this one became our most favorite. The King David’s Pork Chop! This was intentionally served big so that more than 2 persons can share. The 6 of us really had enough of this. Very sulit at a price of 189 Php!


bli8ssful delight-7Ok, ok! I know what that “Let’s volt in!” gesture means. Kainan na!

bli8ssful delight-6

All of a sudden, we found ourselves busy enjoying every bite of Blissful Delights’ meal.


For more or less  900 Php, the gang had a very meaningful lunch. So for a group of 6, a complete meal can just cost around 150 Php  per head!


A table filled with Ice Cream Creations can surely complete the essence of summer.

Stop imagining right there. Continue reading next page and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Haha!