I Tried Palm Reading and It Was Scarily Accurate

Words by Kelly Punzalan

Photos by Kaye Bernal

I have always found psychics and fortune-telling incredibly fascinating. I’m the type of person to check their daily horoscope and I love reading about my star sign. There are countless different methods that can be used to predict future events or bits of information about a person’s life. Astrology, tarot cards, pyromancy, crystal balls, spirit boards… the possibilities are endless!

It goes without saying that there are skeptics and those who believe it’s completely bogus. Not every fortune teller you’ll encounter will be legitimate and personally, I don’t take it too seriously. At least, that was before I got a palm reading done. Now, I might actually believe that there’s some truth to it.


Every day, I pass by an elderly man sitting in the shade of a tree in right by the Department of Justice on Padre Faura Street. On his little sign, it says that he provides “scientific readings.” I’ve never gotten an actual psychic reading, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. It’s just for fun, after all.


I sat down across from him and told him my birthdate. He wrote it down on his notepad and gave me three numbers: my birth number, year number, and lucky number. According to him, my three numbers are in agreement with one another or magkasundo, and this apparently means that I’ll live a long life.

He then proceeded to observe the lines on the palm of my hand and pointed out one that indicated I have a stubborn personality and I’m really firm with the decisions I make. Once I’ve made up my mind, it’s tough to break that or change my decision, especially as I grow older. He also said that I sulk easily and I tend to hold grudges. Annndd yeah, it’s all true.


In the family aspect, he told me that I will have three children in the future because my lucky number is three and my mother also has three children.

This is what caught me off guard. I do indeed come from a family of three siblings and though it could have just been a really lucky guess, what are the odds that he accurately guessed that number?

As for my romantic life, he said that my first love was, in his words, “walang kakwenta-kwenta” and that I wasted my time (No comment). As if that didn’t hurt enough, my second relationship apparently won’t be any better. It’ll last for a long time but will sadly also be “walang kwenta” because the first two lines on my palms are curved. From the four lines, I’m supposed to choose between the third and the fourth for a serious, long-lasting relationship.

Manong also seems to dabble in astrology as well because he told me my perfect match is either a Pisces or a Virgo and even showed me a list of ideal birthdates and first name initials.

Regarding his predictions for my future, I can’t say whether they were accurate or not because I obviously don’t know yet. However, he did tell me that if I work for another person, I will likely become an employee with a high position. I would also find success if I were to open my own business, but there’s a lower chance of me pursuing that. Based on who I am, it’s not too far-fetched. I don’t mind being in a leadership position, but it stresses me out too much and I much prefer being low-key.


Maestro Marco Geno Ginintuan has been doing scientific palm readings on Padre Faura Street for 26 years now. Before this, he was a superintendent at the Magnolia Division of San Miguel Corporation and even won Salesman of the Year with his previous line of work. He then retired early after working for nine years and studied the science of dermatoglyphics abroad. When I asked why he chose to station himself at Faura, he answered, “because it’s my destiny, of course.”

Since 1993, Maestro Marco Gene has not been late nor absent a day in his life. Every day he travels to Ermita from Taguig, and from 5 AM to 3 PM, he services about 30 to 50 clients who wish to know their fate.

Contrary to what some may believe, he is actually doing pretty well financially and even helped pay for the schooling of the children of neighboring street vendors on Padre Faura. One of them is now a teacher and another is working in human resource management.

If you’re interested in meeting Maestro Marco Geno and getting a psychic reading, you can find him stationed under the tree between the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court.

Would you try palm reading? Let us know!