I Tried Out These 220-Peso Organic and Locally Made Lippies, And This Is What I Thought

There’s no denying that liquid lipsticks are all the rage today. They’re easily a crowd favorite mainly because they’re long-lasting, highly pigmented, and most of the time, kiss-proof (wink)! However, they can also totally dry up the lips.

If you’ve been a victim of chapped lips caused by some matte lipsticks (ladies, raise your hands), listen up—let me introduce you to Kiss & Tell PH’s organic, all-natural, and proudly Filipina-made moisturizing lippies.


Kiss & Tell is a proud Filipino cosmetic brand that offers organic, all-natural, high definition, and semi-matte liquid lipsticks. The best part? Its products sell at a lower price compared to other local organic brands. C’mon, we all know that most organic products don’t come cheap. 

Kiss & Tell (which is now one of my favorites, tbh) also has an advocacy to tell. Do you know that an organic lifestyle is attractive and achievable? The brand’s products do not have lead, sulfates, and parabens— which are known to be carcinogenic (we hate cancer). It also does not test on animals, unlike the big guns of the cosmetic industry.


Kiss & Tell PH just launched their page last December 2016. Their first collection includes five really pretty shades: First Kiss (nude pink), Smack (brown), Torrid (sultry red), Blush (reddish pink), and Smooch (bright pink).

Read below to see the product swatches. For reference, my skin tone is tan (morena).


Hands down, First Kiss is my favorite shade from the collection. This pretty nude pink color has recently been my go-to everyday shade. I love how it instantly makes you look fresh and sweet, and I think this would look flattering on all skin tones. Here’s another photo I took from work.



Smack is second on my list of favorites. It’s a sexy, beautiful brown shade that I like to wear to after-office night outs with the girls ;) .



Torrid is a sultry red color that reminds me of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. What I did notice though is that this particular shade is a bit messier to apply compared to the others. Just be extra careful when putting this on.



Blush is a deep red-pink color. While it’s also a pretty shade, I think it would look best on fairer skin tones.



Smooch is a bright pink shade that is bound to make you a head-turner. Again, while this shade is also pretty on morenas, I think this mostly flatters people with fairer skin tones.


Here’s another photo of  swatches from Kiss & Tell’s first collection:


Top to bottom: First Kiss, Smack, Torrid, Blush, Smooch

Here’s a video of the swatches!


PHP 220 (holiday promo is at PHP 180)


* Organic, natural, and gluten-free

* Locally made

* Ultra moisturizing; doesn’t dry up the lips

* Long lasting (I lasted through a party all night without having to re-apply lipstick!)

* Has a nice semi-matte finish

* Has really pretty shades


* Price

(some people might find it a little pricey for its size, but I guess it is very reasonable given that everything’s organic)

* Some shades are messier to apply as compared to others

* Some people might not like the smell of the product at first, but it’s only because they use organic ingredients

Would I recommend this?

A big Y E S! I’m all for supporting Filipino brands, and it’s a BIG, BIG plus that their products also happen to be organic and cruelty-free. The shades are nice (my two favorites are First Kiss & Smack), they’re long-lasting, and they don’t dry up the lips like how other matte lipsticks do.




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