I Had My Eyebrows Tattooed Strand-By-Strand and Here’s What the Process is Like

Girls know this—KILAY IS LIFE. Your brows can either make or break your make-up, and unlucky for me, I was born with a half-bald eyebrows. Due to this circumstance, I had to master the art of drawing my brows which you can see in this video:

However, drawing it every single day gets tiring. I just want a naturally “on fleek” brows, is that too much to ask?! I can’t leave the house with this kind of brows without scaring children.


See that? I only have 50% brows!

Eventually I found out about “microblading” which is basically tattooing your brows strand-by-strand. I was quite skeptical about this at first because I don’t want to end up looking like those with tattooed brows that I’ve grown up seeing.

Exhibit A:


Uhh, no thanks. I want natural looking brows. That’s why when I chanced upon Ron Peña 6 Times Closer’s page (facebook.com/RonPenaMakeup), I was convinced that she was the one who could end this curse without making my brows look like it had been drawn by a Sharpie.

By the way, Miss Ron is the first licensed Phibrows Microblading artist in the Philippines. She was trained by Microblading masters all the way from Serbia where the whole thing started.

So, yup! I was sure that I was only getting the best brows! :D

Here is a sample of her microblading work:


After few Facebook conversations, I was confident she can make my brows look natural as if I was born with the perfect brows. I then booked an appointment without hesitation.

So, this was me on her magic bed. I had no makeup on and this was how my brows naturally looked:



Watch the video for the whole microblading process:

Basically, my Brow Guardian Ron shaped my brows with her #PHICompass. She does not just guess the right shape of the brows for you; she knows the science behind shaping your brows. Ron adheres to the high European standards of sanitation and artistry she learned from her PHIBrows instructor based in Serbia where microblading was born.

After shaping, she added some pain relief in between passes. Then comes the fun part—drawing the brows strand by strand! Ron simulates hair-like impressions that’s why it looked really, really natural.

The number one question I get is: “Did it hurt?” No, it did not hurt. It has some discomfort, but not at all painful. It was totally bearable!

Ron then added some dye, a process called “masking.” And that was it! She just applied cream to reduce the itching, and for protection.


After 3 days, this was how my brows looked like. Faint in color, but still looking natural.


No worries as this was just the first of two sessions. I came back after two months to go through the same method.

This is now my brows before and after the whole process! This picture on the left was before the microblading and the picture on the right was taken as of writing this.

I’ve never been so happy with my new brows. Not only did it improve my overall look, but it also boosted my self-confidence. I am no longer conscious of how I look even without makeup.

I highly, highly recommend you try out Ron Peña’s service. She’s a true Pinay pride who uses her talent to serve people who need it. #PayWithSmile is her way of paying it forward to families, friends and strangers who are afflicted with lupus, alopecia, and other special conditions that cause loss of brow hair.

Here’s a sample from one of her clients. Even with a blank canvass, she transformed it to a natural-looking brow.


For price, consultation, and other questions, feel free to message Ron on her Facebook page, Ron Peña Six Times Closer.

Ron Peña


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