I am on the Road to Hairless Underarm and This is What That’s Like

So. Hi. I am Nicole, and I am a certified island girl. And you know what they say, you can take the girl away from the island but you can’t take the island away from the girl. Which means on most days, even when I’m in the city, I still dress like I’m at the beach. Tank tops, spag straps, off shoulder tops, anything breezy and island-y—those are my best friends.

And because I wear sleeveless tops a lot, I want my kili-kili to always be hairless. (Personal preference; if you like full bush in your armpits, it’s a free world!) Many years ago I started out with shaving, which I assume is the similar to most of you ladies reading this, but eventually turned to waxing as it’s kinder to your skin. Plus, there’s the option of using organic waxes nowadays, too, which is great.

Pearlypop Swimwear Swimsuit bikini Nicole VillaluzHi, iz me.

But you know what would be even better, I figured? Never having to worry about hair peeking from my kili-kili EVER again. So, once and for all, I sought out what I could do to achieve just that. Besides, it can also be costly having to go to the waxing salon every so often.

And lo and behold, I found Primea Skin and Laser Centre who offers safe, painless, and high-quality laser hair removal package. Which are my top concerns, of course. I’ve heard many horror stories of laser hair removal procedures gone wrong, and would never want to risk that happening to me. Upon inquiry, I voiced out my concerns and was assured that their procedure is “very safe, painless, fast, and effective”. And I can tell you now, it is absolutely true.

The ones you hear that cause burns, darkening, and are sometimes painful is the IPL laser machine. But not Primea’s. They use the DIODE Laser for their procedures, you see, which is the gold standard for laser hair removal.

I gave a Facebook live tour of their beautiful clinic—you can watch it through this link!

Now on to the actual experience!

My first session

Before the actual laser session, I sat down with their resident doctor, Dr. Leigh Ancheta, for a quick consultation wherein we talked about my skin—allergies, concerns, hair removal habits, etc. I love that they’d really get to know their patients first before jumping in to do whatever procedure. And, to be honest, it also helps that their clinic is so pretty. It looks more like a hotel lobby, tbh, rather than a skin care clinic. No complaining here!


After the consultation, we headed to a small private room where the DIODE laser hair removal procedure would be conducted. I was asked to lay down, and they put a protective mask over my eyes. Then the treatment began.

The procedure is very quick; no more than 30 minutes. And, as promised, it was absolutely painless. Once in a while you’d feel a little tingling sensation or a very tiny prick on your skin caused by the laser, but no pain at all.

And here’s the thing—just one session already does wonders. After two to three weeks, I’ve noticed that I’ve had little hair growth since my procedure. I was shookedth. Before, it wouldn’t take longer a week after waxing for new hair to grow out again. This time, it took three weeks. And that was just my first session.

My second session

I went back to Primea Skin and Laser Centre a month after, which was recommended by the doctor. The procedure was as seamless and painless as the first time, as expected. And that time I also brought my mom with me and got her a facial. <3

Primea Skin and Laser Centre BF Resort Village DIode Skin Laser Treatment Nicole VillaluzMy mum <3

My DIODE laser hair removal package would take me six sessions, which means I have four more sessions, aka four more months to go! I can’t wait to see the final result.

My takeaway from the DIODE experience

I’ve only had two sessions so far (I will update you once my six sessions are up!), but I can tell you now that, holy hell, it works. The DIODE laser hair removal works really well.

I haven’t been such a good patient; I’ve already skipped two months (lol) as I’ve been traveling a lot the past months for work, but as I’ve mentioned, my hair growth is much, much less now than it used to be pre-procedure. So imagine if I were going in regularly. I could be more hairless now!

Primea Skin and Laser Centre BF Resort Village DIode Skin Laser Treatment Nicole VillaluzThe laser treatment room

So, if you’re thinking about getting rid of your armpit hair for good, here’s my advice: DO IT. But just be sure that if you’re doing it, do it the right way and invest in a good DIODE laser treatment versus going for the much cheaper IPL. It’s for yourself, anyway. It’ll be worth it.

Lastly, an important tip

Don’t shave or wax your armpits before going in for a procedure; they need hair to see where your hair follicles are at, and therefore target the laser more precisely on your underarm.

If, in between your sessions, you’ll need to rid of your armpit hair, just shave and don’t wax it so you don’t pull the roots of your hair. As I’ve mentioned, the roots are needed to spot your hair follicles for better laser precision.

Primea Skin and Laser Centre BF Resort Village DIode Skin Laser Treatment Nicole Villaluz

Interested? I can’t recommend Primea Skin and Laser Centre more for your skin care needs.


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