Hunongan Cove: A Tranquil Getaway in Caramoan Island

If you haven’t been to Caramoan, it’s about time that you visit.

As a testament to its beauty, even the TV show Survivor has taken a liking to the island. Several editions of the show (USA, Russia, Israel, France, etc.) were set in Caramoan due to its bountiful flora and fauna amidst lush tropics and turquoise waters.

It was my first time going to the municipality; but after spending a night there, I could already totally understand why it’s a well-known destination. We stayed at Hunongan Cove, and it made our Caramoan adventure incredibly memorable.

Hunongan Cove is an exclusive island under the same property as Gota Village. You need to ride a boat to get there, and part of the beauty. It’s a way away from the city proper with very little to no signal/data, so you’re bound to experience an immersive retreat in a nature’s paradise—a great escapade where you can take a break from everything.

The area is relatively small with only a few rooms available. There are four types of accommodation: Duplex (P7500) – 2 pax; 1 twin size bed; Mountain Size (P9250) – 2 people; 1 king size bed with receiving area; Beachfront (P11250) – 2 people; 1 king size bed with receiving area; and Presidential Suite (P18000) – 4 people; 1 king-size bed and 2 single size bed. Can add 2-3 extra people.

The Duplex, Mountain Size, and Beachfront are the same in interior design but situated differently, ergo the different price rates.

If you want to wake up to the sight of the sea beckoning you with its soothing waves, the Beachfront would be perfect for you.

This presidential suite has three connected rooms good for big groups. Enjoy island living in massive accommodations with ample space for lounging. All of rooms are airconditioned, as well, and have a private toilet bathroom with a hot and cold shower, a TV, and a mini-fridge. An extra person charge is P1000/night.

Since there’s no WiFi, signal, or data; all that’s really there to do is to live in the moment—no posting of photos/videos to think about – just pure basking in the island life.

There are several things that you can do at Hunongan Cove. You can start off with simple things that are best enjoyed at the beach: sunbathing, swinging by the coast, watchimg the sunset, enjoying a bonfire session, and stargazing.

We got creative and did a movie marathon by the beach. The staff happily assisted us with setting up a table at our preferred spot (tip: order pizza!). We also went stargazing at around 11:30PM, and we were in awe of the number of visible stars twinkling gracefully. We even saw a massive shooting star! (Tip: bring a telescope if you have one. We didn’t, but we sure wish we did!)

Of course, you can also do some water activities. You can ask the front desk for rates. During our stay, we went swimming, snorkeling, and stand-up paddling. It’s amusing because you can paddle from island to island! Just be sure you stay safe or ask a staff member to go with you.

For someone afraid of the open sea, I was very proud that I managed to paddle to the other island. You can also avail of their packages for an island-hopping tour if you’re tired of kayaking/paddling.

I don’t know why, but island food is truly the best. From breakfast to dinner, we enjoyed some hearty meals.

Notably, they serve pizza, which is baked on another island! The pizza will literally travel by boat before it gets served on your table. Amazingly, it’ll still be warm and good enough to enjoy with a movie night (like we did).

So many memories were made at Hunongan Cove, Caramoan. From watching the sunrise from our balcony to paddling over to another island to stargazing at midnight, words cannot express how tranquil island life can be. Once you visit, you’ll definitely want to go back for another night (or two).

Hunongan Cove

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