Humans of ADMU: What’s the most life changing thing a teacher ever told you or did for you?

Words and photos by Andrea Chan

As college students, we all have those legendary professors we’ll never forget. Some professors or teachers become not just our mentors, but friends as well. Here, Ateneans share their most memorable experiences by answering the question, “What’s the most life changing thing a teacher or professor ever told you or did for you?”

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“Most life changing thing my professor told me was, “I’m an alcoholic.”

—Carlitos Rafael Mortel, 1 BS MGT

“The Most life changing thing my professor had told me was that my handwriting was nice. But then he failed me.”

—Marla Kathryn Sumilong(Lix), 1 BFA AM


“I owe a lot of where I am now to most of my professors. But if i had to pick my most favorite memory, I’d have to say when sir RR was yelling and I just calmly replied, “I think it’s to depict how arbitrary justice can be.”

—Leez Escalona, BFA CW Graduate
@Leez Escalona


“It was in the middle a 4-hour class while discussing about the biology of the emergence of life when my professor said, “All odds were against life, yet life persisted and still continues to persist.” It’s been stuck with me from then on. I just thought that maybe since the world fought for hard for me to be here, I should fight just as hard to make the most out of this life as possible. It gave me courage to think that there must be some good reason as to why where I am right now. Whatever that reason is, it’s something that I have yet to find out.”

—Oella Cabangon, 3 BS Life Sciences


“When I was still in grade 6, I got into this Chinese Story-telling competition. It was pretty intense kasi I had to memorize around 3 pages of a chinese story which I had to perform. Every saturday morning, I would visit my teacher’s condo near our school to practice. He’s from China so he doesn’t know much about the Filipino people or the Filipino-Chinese here in the Philippines yet, but every Saturday, kahit break na niya from school ‘yun, he would still constantly support and guide me despite my frustrations and errors. We did this for around 3 months until I finally won first. Even until now, he still contacts me sometimes to send over some food if he’s in the country. People like him remind me that I am worth investing time in and that I am more than capable of succeeding.”

— John Peter Chua, 2 AB COM
@John Peter Chua


“I guess it was when my professor told me to “fall in love,” fall in love with something so absolutely and then everything will follow.”

—Lorenzo Lim,  2-AB EC


“One thing that did strike me among what my profs said was what my Theo131 prof Sir Reyes said during one of our lectures. It was something along the lines of, “Even if you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you will never be that person, because you can only interpret in terms of how you would react to the situation if it were u in it.” This showed me the importance of communication and listening because no matter how much you think you understand or want to understand someone, the most reliable info you can actually only go on is what comes from their own mouths (and their actions).”

—Dani Yee, 3 BS CTM


“I remember that she was my Home Economics teacher in Grade 5, and she told to me something like: “You should appreciate a comment when it is given because there’s always going to be someone better at something than you. Take it when you’re the best in that moment and savor it because you don’t know how long you can have it.”

—Cassandra Chan, 3 BFA ID

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