Human Nature: New “Read the Label” App to Protect Consumers from Harmful Chemicals


When in Manila, how can we be sure of the quality and safety of the personal care products that we use each day?


Recent research found that many of the products that we use, even those that are labeled as ‘mild’ and ‘hypoallergenic’  are often laden with harmful chemicals. Moreover, an ordinary consumer is usually clueless about the nature of the chemicals listed on the back of personal care products. So how can we actually tell which chemical is harmful or not?


Human Nature, the social enterprise company that considers themselves as ‘pro-poor’, ‘pro-Philippines’, and ‘pro-environment’ developed a social media application that helps consumers to identify whether a product contains harmful ingredients.


The application ‘Read the Label’ helps a consumer know if they are indeed safe from toxic ingredients. Read the Label App can be downloaded for FREE from the iTunes store.


The Read the Label app is a handy-dictionary type tool developed to educate consumers about greener options while shopping for their cosmetics and personal care products. It instantly shows if an ingredient found on the product label is safe to use and gives you links to more information on the ingredient,” the description in the iTunes app store said.



“Did you know that one in three adults will suffer from cancer in their lifetime? A huge number of scientific studies link synthetic chemical ingredients in everyday products with cancer, hormone disruption, fertility problems, asthma, acne and speeding up ageing,” Founder Dylan Wilk said in the app’s launch at the 7th high club in Bonifacio global city recently.


Human Nature Founder Dylan Wilk explains the Read the Label app


Human Nature President and Founder Anna Meloto-Wilk explains why we should read labels of our lifestyle products



In the past, consumers were oblivious to the harmful effects of tobacco. Advertisements would portray smoking as a ‘cool act’ to trick people into purchasing their harmful products, but now, it is widely known that smoking is linked to cancer. Wilk noted that many cosmetic products are also laced with harmful chemicals but consumers are unaware of it.


This is where the Read the Label app comes in handy: It informs the consumer whether a certain ingredient is toxic or not.


When in Manila choose safe and better alternative products that provide care and protection for the whole family! If you’re unsure about what you’re getting, then just download the new Read the Label App to find out exactly what’s in those products of yours! 



Human Nature launches an app that helps consumers understand the ingredients in a  product




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