Huawei offers new tech for COVID-19 diagnosis to hospitals for FREE

huawei covid 19 ct scan 1

The new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has shocked the whole world. With the increasing number of positive cases every day in all corners of the globe, doctors and medical personnel need all the help they can get to aid in the testing of COVID-19. To help out, Huawei has developed a technology that can make testing for COVID-19 faster and more efficient. Best of all, the company is offering it for free to hospitals.

Huawei Technologies Phils. Inc announced its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted Diagnosis for COVID-19. The solution is part of Huawei’s Cloud Technology program and uses cutting-edge technology from Huawei CLOUD and Huawei AI.

Huawei Cloud developed an AI-assisted quantitative medical image analysis service for COVID-19. With its leading AI technologies such as computer vision and medical image analysis, the technology can automatically, quickly, and correctly output CT quantification results to imaging and clinical doctors, alleviating the shortage of imaging doctors who can accurately diagnose COVID-19, relieving the pressures of quarantines, and reducing the heavy workloads of doctors. The service also uses the powerful computing capability of Huawei Ascend series AI chips to output the quantization result of a single case in seconds. It is dozens of times faster than manual quantitative image evaluation, which greatly improves the diagnosis efficiency.

huawei covid 19 ct scan

“We want to partner with Government and Private-Run hospitals for this project. Partner hospitals will upload the CT Scan of patients to Huawei CLOUD and a 3D rendition of the scan will be received by the medical professional in minutes according to Mr. Shen- Huawei Cloud Head for the Philippines”. 

According to Mr. Guo Zhi, Huawei Philippines Vice President, Huawei is offering the service for free for Hospitals in the Philippines designated as Covid19 facilities. We want to make the technology accessible. This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program”. 

Interested Hospitals may contact Huawei through

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