HUAWEI Introduces a New Member in their Audio Family: The HUAWEI Freebuds 3 Pro

HUAWEI Freebuds Pro Mae Ilagan 2020 11

Allow me to introduce you to Your NEW Audio Experience and the newest member in HUAWEI’s fast growing Audio Family- the HUAWEI Freebuds Pro.

HUAWEI is world-renowned for its innovative smartphones with the best cameras for many years and this year, they also wowed the world with their roster of cutting-edge laptops and showed expertise in the audio department as well. I believe this is part of the HUAWEI Ecosystem implementation or the 1+8+N strategy where consumers can simply use their HUAWEI smartphone to control all other HUAWEI devices like their HUAWEI Laptop, TV, smartwatch, speaker and earbuds delivering a fully-connected, all-scenario, and intelligent experience across devices.

Innovation and Intelligence is the core DNA of the HUAWEI Audio Family delivering HIFI Performance, One of a Kind Entertainment Experience that also collaborates with other HUAWEI devices for that fully immersive and connected experience. From innovation, productivity and design, HUAWEI continues to lead in all these areas. Professionals, Yuppies, Tech-savvy people, Entertainment lovers, everyone who loves music will truly swoon in ecstasy when they experience the FREEBUDS Pro.

Watch this video for full details..


Overall, I’m truly blown-away with my FREEBUDS Pro experience. Forget the rest! The HUAWEI FREEBUDS Pro is ultimately the earbuds to beat in 2020!

Surprise, surprise! The FREEBUDS Pro is affordably priced at only P7,999

Pre-order from Nov. 27 – Dec. 3 to get freebies worth P3,989.

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