How to Start an Interesting Conversation on Tinder Other than Saying “Hi”

Come on, you can do better than just saying “hi.” Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you don’t want to hear an instant “bye” from your Tinder match without even having the opportunity to talk to him or her or ask him or her out on a date, you might want to take to heart some easy conversation starters compiled by yours truly.

I don’t claim to be an expert on this, but having used (well, tried using) Tinder for quite some time now, a simple “hi” just doesn’t make you special, let alone make a good impression. At least say my name, for goodness’ sake. Although I might have to think twice, still, even if in some strange miracle you decided to add my name to that oh-please-stop-using-it-already “hi-and-nothing-else” opener.

To start this off, let me share with you a few of the not-so-wonderful messages I received on Tinder. Let me apologize in advance to the men who sent me these messages. I should have asked you for permission first, but that meant replying to your “hi.”

Here’s a classic example of the never-ending “hi.” He didn’t even make the h a capital letter, because why bother?

Plus a bonus “thanks” because “hi” isn’t good enough. Like, seriously, was I supposed to say “you’re welcome?”

Also, may I just add, don’t you ever send an unescorted rock on emoji or any emojis when starting a conversation because I don’t think anyone finds that cool. Does anyone? You absolutely can do better than that.

Please, do better. I know starting a conversation can be burdensome to a lot of people, but having already downloaded the dating app and built a profile, surely, you knew that conversation is what makes the match a real match—and not just a virtually useless match. We all have succeeded in building an awesome profile and matching with several cool people, so might as well have it go somewhere—certainly not to a dead end.

But, let me make it clear to you. If you’re a boy who matched with a girl, then don’t expect the girl to message you first. The majority of us just won’t. Either the girls are receiving tons of messages already or too shy to start a conversation, so please be a dear and message us first with something other than “hi.” Although this doesn’t mean we would never message a guy first.

Below are some examples of conversation starters from the good people who didn’t simply just hi-ed me that might help you out. This might not work for others, but I would definitely love to talk to these people. To the men who actually took time to check my bio (photos and texts included), thank you so much.

I mean, they’re way better than “hi.” Maybe not-so-unique, but it’s easy to tell that they’ve thought about their openers. Well, with the help of a witty friend, I managed to get some lines, too, which can either make the other person cringe or smile. It depends, but since you’re being given the chance to go say something different, might as well take it.

If you were M&M’s, you’d be the red one. ‘Coz I like the red ones.

If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.

I’m pretty sure those lines would work for some. But, honestly, you don’t really need to have it all written like a script. You don’t even need to be funny or witty, but of course, you can, because what most girls want (I’d go ahead and think that most of us girls have the same thoughts on this), is something that both parties involved can work with. Be it a question or a statement, as long as it doesn’t lead to a dead end, all will be well.

If you ask me how I’m doing, I’d most likely just say I’m good and ask you the same question. That means you’ll have to think of another question to keep the conversation going. Right there is a dead end unless you come up with some cool question that you should have used as an opener. Yes, I know, it’s hard, but go ahead and ask me some question. I don’t care how weird it is. Just don’t be a creep.

I don’t speak for all the women out there, but sometimes you got to work hard for something. If you want my number or would like to ask me out on a date, don’t just say “hi.”

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