Here’s How You Can Start a Franchise Business in the Philippines

Now that the post-pandemic economic recovery is in full swing, plenty of Filipinos have been wondering how they can start a franchise business in the Philippines. The House of Fruitas is one company that found a growing number of “Frentrepreneurs” on their doorstep looking to invest in this increasingly lucrative opportunity.

What is a Frentrepreneur?

A “frentrepreneur” is basically a combination of the words “franchise” and “entrepreneur”. This refers to people who are looking for a secure, reliable, and lucrative income stream by franchising well-known and proven brands. It may also refer to someone who has already succeeded in doing so.

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Photo from Fruitas

Why Do Filipinos Want to Start a Franchise Business in the Philippines?

The franchising trend can be traced back to the Filipinos’ renewed interest in entrepreneurship and self-employment that sprung during the first year of the COVID-19 lockdown. While some aspiring business owners decided to establish their own brand, others prefer to put their trust in brands that are already established. One way to do this is via franchising.

It’s the latter that Metro Manila-based House of Fruitas—one of the country’s local franchising leaders—found itself catering to at an increasing rate.

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The Benefits of a Franchise Business in the Philippines

Founder and CEO Lester Yu attributes the franchising boom to the consistent benefits that Frentrepreneurs enjoy, such as:

  • minimized risk
  • name recall
  • brand reputation
  • “the guidance of people with the experience, knowledge, and passion to establish a successful business.”

For Yu, it’s about treating Frentrepreneurs not just as business partners, but as family members that you wish to see succeed. “The House of Fruitas has always kept its doors wide open for aspiring Frentrepreneurs, even long before the pandemic,” Yu adds, “and we’re always ready to welcome more into our growing family.”

And grow they did, even amid the economic disruption brought on by the pandemic. “We were mindful of a possible dip in interest in franchising after the initial set of safety protocols were eased,” shares Shaun Si, Chief Marketing Officer of the House of Fruitas, as people would begin to resume their employment that was interrupted by the lockdowns. “But instead, we found that franchise inquiries had a steady uptick.” In fact, franchise inquiries for House of Fruitas’ brands have more than doubled over the past year with a steady increase month-on-month.

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Concepts under the House of Fruitas include established brands such as their flagship Fruitas’ shakes and juices, De Original Jamaican Pattie, Balai Pandesal and Ling Nam. Also included are fresh and exciting brands such as Soy & Bean, Johnn Lemon, Buko Loco, Keffir Yoghurt Milk Bar, Friends Fries, and Black Pearl.

Want to Start a Franchise Business in the Philippines?

Aspiring Frentrepreneurs can find the perfect brand to invest in at the Philippine Franchise Association Expo 2022 from October 14 to 16, 2022 at SMX Convention Center, Manila, where the House of Fruitas and other franchise holding firms will be present. 

For more information about the Franchise Asia PH 2022: International Franchise Expo, click here.