How to Say Goodbye to #SingleProblems

Single ka ba?

Ikaw ba ay nalulungkot?

Are you wallowing in self pity because you’re alone?

With the kind of technology we have these days, there’s absolutely no reason for  single guys (and girls) to feel lonely and miserable.

You don’t have to go green with envy each time your buddies upload a photo of him having dinner with his girlfriend. Or your less good-looking cousin who has a really hot chick as a movie date.

More importantly, your Facebook timeline doesn’t have to be as barren as a dry desert.

All you need is your phone and a LOT of imagination and creativity.

So pay attention, single and lonely lads. Take your cue from Ward, a very happy single (or not) guy, who shares cute moments with his girl online.

This is how you say goodbye to #singleproblems.


Learning is more fun when you’re inspired. Having class with her makes going to school definitely exciting.

10660104_1749008948651299_5992591960401325781_n (1)

Holding hands while walking never, ever, goes out of style.


DiCaprio’s not the only one who can enjoy the company of beautiful and sexy models.


Ensure you take a break from your busy schedules for some quality time. Bonding over coffee is always a sweet time.


When you find a girl who can binge-watch your favorite series and munch on chips without being worried about packing on calories, then you’ve stumbled into a gold mine, brotha.


The Metro’s nightmarish traffic becomes more bearable each time, especially when there’s a beautiful and sweet passenger by your side.

10399361_1749008971984630_9006988942401463619_n (1)

Isn’t she lovely? This is definitely one of those moments when you can’t help but sing that really nice Stephen Speaks song.


But sometimes, you just have to face the reality that you have to part ways (just for a little time).


But, as always, love will always find its way home.

All photos courtesy of Ward’s Facebook page.


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