How to Save Your Phone Battery While Playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a huge amount of fun – that’s for sure. However, since it uses your GPS, and your camera and since your screen is turned on most of the time you’re playing the game, it’s inevitable for your phone’s battery to run out pretty quickly. Add to that the fact that you have to leave your screen on if you want to hatch eggs and catch Pokemon, and it’s bye-bye, battery, in what feels like five minutes.

Pokemon GO BGC (2)

Well, in case you didn’t know the app actually has a “battery saver” mode in the settings part of the app.

If you enable it, your screen will darken whenever you point your phone down and ta-da! Save you battery! Don’t worry. It will still hatch your eggs and notify you when Pokemon are nearby. You just have to make it a habit to walk around with your phone pointing down. Happy hunting! 😀