How to Live Young: 5 Lessons Learned at Chalk’s LiveYoung Party

How to Live Young: 5 Lessons Learned at Chalk’s Live Young Party


Chalk Anniversary Party

To launch their coolest issue – Bright Young Manila issue! – the magazine threw the hottest party of the year with #ChalkLiveYoung! College students from all over the metro gathered for this very special event, hosted by the number one campus magazine in the country. Club Haze was packed with cool and fun-loving guests on the night of November 15, and all of them were set for the cool surprises awaiting them!

Chalk Anniversary Party

The party’s about to begin!

Chalk Anniversary Party

The Bright Young Manila finalists


The theme spoke so much of what it wanted to express: how do the youngsters and the young-at-heart live young? Here are the top 5 answers!

5 Lessons from Chalk’s Live Young Party

5. Live young by doing what you love.

Chalk Anniversary Party

“It’s very important for me to do what I love because I do it for myself.” – Anya Pena, Bright Young Manila, Ateneo School of Medicine

Just like the kids who went dancing throughout the night and did whatever they pleased, living young is about doing what is in your heart. Take note of what Chalk’s Elaine said, though: “I make sure I do what I want, but still in the bounds that I don’t hurt people. And I don’t do anything bad. The way I live young? As long as I stay happy by doing something that I really love, which is, you know, working for Chalk and doing everything that comes with it.”

4. Live young by having fun and living your life to the fullest.


“I do everything that I can. Like, I go out at night and on the weekends and I go out of town or out of the country, and during weekdays I study and try to excel and be active in the government and everything else.” – Lyka Garcia, Bright Young Manila, DLSU


Chalk Anniversary Party

“I live young by having fun living each day one step at a time.” – Eunice Bakunawa, Bright Young Manila, SBC

Chalk Anniversary Party

“I think being happy and always smiling is the secret to staying young.” – Katarina Rodriguez

“Just enjoy it. Just enjoy everything.” – LA Aguinaldo, SM Youth Ambassador

Chalk Anniversary Party

“I go traveling and try extreme sports and try new stuff. That’s how you make yourself feel young.” – Richard Hwan, UP Diliman and SM Youth Ambassador


Bottom line: Don’t hesitate. Just do it and, in the end, you won’t have regrets. Ever.

3. Live young by taking care of yourself.


“Staying healthy and taking care of your body, like exercising all the time. That’s my thing.” – Bea Fabregas

Of course, you won’t be able to function well and go on with your daily activities if your body can’t keep up with it, though. So, nurture your experiences while doing the same with your body. It’s yours, after all, and taking care of it is one of the secrets to staying young.

2. Live young by being yourself.


“It’s owning your gifts and honing them.” – Justin Quirino

Your identity is uniquely yours and no one can take it from you. If you live young and be yourself, you won’t get old from putting a pretentious face in front of other people. Besides, did you know doing so creates fine lines and ugly marks on your face in the long run?

Chalk Anniversary Party

LA Aguinaldo, Tommy Esguerra and Richard Hwan, SM Youth Ambassadors


“You don’t let people tell you how to live your life. The things that scare you – you have to face them head on and tackle them and that’s how you live young basically. Living young is not being afraid of who you are.” – Tommy Esguerra, SM Youth Ambassador

Also, part of being yourself does depend on how society views you. If you think about what other people think all the time, you’ll hinder yourself from living a wonderful life. Being afraid of showing the real you won’t really help you stay young, either. Scream, “YOLO!” at the top of your lungs and heed it.

1. Live young by working your way to where you want to be.


“You should have your own goal and you should make challenges to yourself.” – Jorge Urquico, DLS-CSB


Chalk Anniversary Party

New EIC Elaine is the star of the night!


Plan ahead and create your journey to success! Doing all sorts of stuff – going through the crazy deadlines and adrenaline-rushing deeds and plenty of other things – will keep pushing you forward. Follow in the footsteps of Chalk’s new Editor-in-Chief (no other than the beautiful Elaine Carag!). She worked hard to reach her status, inspired by the support and love by the Chalk readers, and she keeps on doing it for the students. Doing that keeps her feeling young. The real secret can be found in the power you have within yourself.

Chalk Anniversary Party

Cheers to Chalk!

Chalk Anniversary Party

Inspired? Grab your November issue now and celebrate with Chalk! Cheers to living young!

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How to Live Young: 5 Lessons Learned at Chalk’s Anniversary Party


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