How to KonMari Your Life the Filipino Way

Do you sometimes feel lazy and just throw your things wherever you please? Or are you too lazy to tidy up your messy cabinet and table? If so, then we are definitely on the same boat. Sometimes, I just place all of my clean clothes on top of the others without arranging them properly.

Well, last April 25 at The Podium Mall, Ms. Christine Dychiao, the first and only certified Konmari Consultant in the country, taught us simple ways to organize our personal clutter and showed us how beneficial it is.

Be committed.

Christine made me realize the urgency of arranging my things. I believe that this activity should be a celebration because you’ll get to see all of the things you have bought and invested money in.

Envision your ideal future.

When tidying up, imagine what your space will look like after you declutter it. Based on Christine, you should always be practical when it comes to this.

Say ‘thank you’ to the things you decide to discard.

It might feel strange to talk to your belongings, but Christine says that Marie Kondo herself believes that every ‘thing’ has consciousness. So, if your blouse has already served its purpose, for example, show it that you have been happy with it and then start to let go of it.

Tidy by category, not by location.

You should also do this all in one go. Tidy up all of your books and papers, and then all of your clothes and accessories. This will give you a ton of new space.

Follow the right order.

You should organize your sentimental things last because it usually takes longer to decide whether to keep those or to give them away.

Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Does it still ignite happiness in you? Does the item still serve you? If not, start singing ‘Let it Go’ while putting the item in the trash.

Set aside time for it.

Most people say the best time to tidy up is early in the morning without any music or TV noise in the background. Apparently, there are no distractions in the morning and you can converse with your personal things better – concentration at its best!

Designate a place for everything.

This will help you avoid wasting time looking up for your things. It will just take you a matter of seconds to get the item you need if you know exactly where it is.

Think simple.

Christine recommends buying storage supplies after organizing your things. You can buy drawers and boxes, for example, which you can use as new containers.

Some of the delightful results of decluttering include:

  • detachment from material things
  • enhanced productivity
  • confidence in making decisions
  • mindfulness
  • better focus and concentration
  • less stress
  • better health
  • happiness

Thanks to this workshop, I realized that the simple activity of cleaning up can be a great training ground to make better decisions in life, in general. Tidying up really does spark joy!

Spark Joy



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