How to Kickstart Your Travel Goals: 8 Tips from a Travel Blogger

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Traveling has always been on my bucket list. It has always been among the things I want to do often. However, because of a lot of things to consider prior to a trip, I tend to prioritize other activities instead. But still, there is nothing compared to the experience of exploring a new place, trying out their cuisine, and enjoying the nature surrounding it. Because of this, I continue in the pursuit of finding ways to achieve one of my goals in life.

To help us effectively set our travel goals for this 2018, travel blogger Keziah Guerrero of shared 8 tips to help us fulfill our dream vacation.

8. Choose airline tickets wisely.

Choosing airline tickets wisely is one of the most crucial things any traveler must consider. Aside from choosing the airline that flies to the airport (or nearest airport in some cases) to your destination, you should also look at the price, time of the flight, and the rules and regulations of your ticket.

In terms of the price, try to find the cheapest fare you can get. The less money you spend on your flight means more pocket money! But be sure to read the rules and regulations of your ticket especially if you’re saving up miles.

However, you should also take into account the time of the flight. If you’re going to short-haul destinations (Domestic, Southeast, and East Asian), it would be best if you book an early morning or morning flights so as you can tour around in the afternoon. Then for returning flights, you might want to consider a night flight so as you could maximize your last day of the trip.

Hong Kong, which takes around 2 hours to travel to, is an example of a short-haul destination. 

TIP: Some airline tickets go on sale at a specific time of the year. Be sure to watch out for ’em!

7. Sign-up for booking sites.

To help you find the best tickets at the most affordable deals as possible, you may want to consider signing up for booking sites. By using them, you’ll be able to find all flights going to your destination and be able to compare them. You’ll have a bigger picture of the fares and be able to see which one best suits your trip. Isn’t that great?

TIP: Some sites give users the options to notify them if a particular route has a new deal available! They normally notify you via email.

6. Plan destinations…the right way!

Planning your itinerary is very important in creating a trip. It is where you can see the activities that you’ll be doing and the places you’ll be going to in your vacation. So before going, be sure that you have an itinerary for you to list down your schedule so that you could maximize your stay!

5. Planning the right travel dates!

Choosing the travel date is something crucial, too! Why? Well, it’s because some tickets can get pricey during peak travel periods such as in Christmas. Also, if you’re going to a destination that has an event like a festival, you wouldn’t want to book a flight that wouldn’t coincide with the event, right? One more thing, if you have school or any other commitments in your hometown, better settle them before traveling so as to maximize relaxation time!

TIP: If you’ll be traveling during a peak period, buy tickets around 5-6 months before your travel date. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the ticket usually is!

4. Extra income!

Traveling requires a ton of cash at hand. But with the endless expenses here and there, you’ll need to save as much income as you can. To help you save money, try having a routine of subtracting your savings from your total income for the month. This way, you’re saving money in a sure way! Another tip would be doing extra work. The more you work, the faster you’ll get money to save!

P.S. Don’t overwork yourself! You’ll still be traveling haha. To give you an idea on how to save, click HERE.

Tracking your expenses is another great way to start saving! 

3. Pack light!

Don’t bring a lot of stuff when you’ll be traveling. Pack only the stuff you’ll need. To help you learn how to pack light, click HERE.

Travelling light! 

2. Arrive early!

We wish to see, experience and eat everything throughout our vacations, but the problem is, we always have so little time! To aid you with this, try to be prompt with your itinerary to maximize your experience. The earlier you finish, the more time you can spend on other things to do like shopping!

Keziah Guerrero on traveling

1. Leave no trace!

Lastly, keep in mind to leave nothing behind when you’re traveling! Leave all the stress behind and take the memories on your way back home.

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Now, go out there for your well-deserved vacation, ‘mate! Have fun and treat yourself! You need it!

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