How to Improve Performance and Battery Life on Your Android Devices



When In Manila and you were wondering how to optimize the battery and the speed of your Android devices. Then wonder no more since we have some tips that could help keep that phone or tablet in tip top shape also this could help improve battery life and prolong the life span of your beloved gadget.

Remove Live Wallpapers

I love live wallpapers but it really doesn’t do anything useful except for being pretty and eating up your memory and your battery. Not really a huge problem here… its just that, it really won’t hurt you if you use static wallpaper instead. I suppose it really won’t be a big problem if you want it, but remember that it is just an aesthetic feature and your phone/tablet is better off without it.

Update Your Software

I could not stress this enough, try to update your applications at least once a month, if not everyday… Updates usually includes performance boost which does not only improve battery life but makes the application run smoother.

Remove Unnecessary Widgets

If you feel that you really don’t look or check out a certain widget much then remove it from your home screen immediately!!! Yes, like the live wallpaper many widgets are nothing more than aesthetic features, though some are actually useful like the media player widget, just because it lets you manipulate your media player without going inside the app. Removing widgets also lowers data consumption especially those social media widgets.

Uninstall Unused Apps / Delete Unused Files

Not playing with certain games anymore, uninstall it… Already done watching a certain video, delete it… This will free up much needed space as well as lower your index size which is required for searches. This means that the system will need to go through less files to get to the file you are trying to open. As an additional plus, you also get rid of the clutter on your device.

These are only some of the simple things that could help improve system performance and improve battery life on Android systems. All of them are quite basic and does not require you to be a techie person to do it. If you own an Android phone or just recently got one, try out these suggestions and comment how much of an improvement they provided for your phone/tablet.

How to Improve Performance and Battery Life on Your Android Devices

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