Here’s How the Philippine National Climbing Team Prepares for the 2020 Olympics

Guys, it’s time to get your cheer boards ready because our very own Philippine National Climbing Team will be joining the 2020 Summer Olympics!

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Four of PH National Climbing Team members were present during the media launch with Renz Que, the Senior Brand Associate of The North Face

Since The North Face supports their journey, a media launch was held at ROX BGC on June 13, 2018 to introduce the athletes that will compete in Japan two years from now. Here they are:

The athletes are set to climb in all three disciplines: bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing; but before that, there will be various qualifying events in 2019 and 2020, including the Asian Championships in 2019 and the World Cups.

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The North Face’s new collection of sportswear for indoor climbing, the No Days Off collection, was also launched at the same event. It is said to be ideal for rock climbing because it’s durable, stretchable, and absorbent.

In an interview, the team shared how they are preparing for the Olympics. “Right now, we’re trying to solidify the team by taking the best athletes in the Philippines, training them together, and sending them to different minor international competitions.”

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Speaking of international competitions, their team climber Gerald Verosil won 1st place in the Asian Cup in Hong Kong last March. Congratulations to a great start!

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Mio Gomez

This June, they also sent 12 athletes to Bangkok for another Asian Cup. “We’re proud to say 10 athletes were able to make it into the semi-finals. Although none of us made it to finals, it’s already an achievement to have sent this number of athletes and to have them all move to the next round as the Asian Cups are very competitive.”

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Joanne Ala

They also encourage Filipinos to try out climbing.  “We hope you’ll support not only our team, but also the sport. Sport climbing has becoming a big thing not only in the Philippines, but all around the world”, Jo Ala, one of the athletes says.

There will be Asian Games this August, another Asian Championship in November, and lots to watch out for with the Philippine National Climbing Team. However, they cannot do this alone. Other than training, they are also looking for sponsors and raising funds to support the team financially. If you’re interested in helping out, just send them a message on Facebook.

Philippine National Climbing Team