How Local Host Coffee Practices Sustainability

I only know a handful of brands that run their businesses aligned with green and sustainable practices. One of these is a local cold brew supplier I recently found online: Local Host Coffee.

Local Host Cold Brew 4

The proprietors of the brand took their love for coffee to the next level by further understanding how coffee culture works. To them, coffee is more than just a product; it was their saving grace, especially during the present situation. The brand was launched with the name Local Host as the founders wanted to set their hearts on pushing locally-produced coffee side by side with international brands. The coffee and all of the raw materials are locally-sourced. 

Local Host Cold Brew 2

What got me extra interested in Local Host Coffee is their use of clear recyclable and reusable glass bottles instead of plastic ones. This is to show support to the Think Ahead Movement, an initiative that aims for a sustainable lifestyle, and to lessen waste and energy usage for the benefit of our beloved planet.

Local Host Cold Brew 6

This movement goes hand in hand with the Local Host Subscription, Local Host Coffee’s offering for avid coffee fanatics. Sign up and you’ll get a monthly supply of four big bottles with free delivery within Metro Manila. The subscription entails returning the bottles in exchange for fresh cold brew bottles. Before they use them again, they make sure that the bottles are spotless and sterilized. Cool, huh?

Local Host Cold Brew 5

Trust me: coffee definitely hits different when you know that you are helping local farmers and contributing to a lowe carbon footprint, if even in a simple way. 

Local Host Cold Brew 3

Local Host Coffee has two sizes available for their OG Series 330ml (Php190) and 730ml (Php290). I enjoy the look of the bottles and couldn’t help but take a photo every morning as it perked me up.

The best part, of course, is the taste. Because it’s a cold brew; it’s smooth, less bitter, and not at all overwhelming. It’s rich and simple, but not dull. You’ll finish a glass of it without any weird aftertaste.

Local Host Cold Brew 7

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Top tip: enjoy it with milk and sweetener for an instant iced cold brew latte, or with nothing but ice for a quick iced americano. To order, message them on Instagram and stay tuned for their updates and more exciting offers to come.

Local Host Coffee


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