Here’s How Lee Yoo-mi Perfected Her Frustrating Character in “All of Us Are Dead”

If there’s one character in All of Us Are Dead that we can all agree was frustrating and annoying, it was Lee Na-yeon.

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Portrayed perfectly by Lee Yoo-mi (also known for her role as Ji-yeong in Squid Game), we shouted at the screen and wanted to tear our hair out out of frustration by her character’s decisions. In a recent press con with the cast and director, the 27-year-old actress revealed that she really worked hard to get into her role. Apparently, she kept asking the other cast members questions like, “Am I upsetting you enough?” and “Am I getting on your nerves enough?” Because of this, she was named “a cute angry bird” on set.

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“Well, I think I went around asking that question to a lot of people,” she shares. “But I particularly asked it to Sung-min, who played the role of Gyeong-su. Before the camera was on, I would constantly ask him, “Is this more annoying? Is this more annoying?” I really tried to make it more provocative and upsetting. So he would give me tips like, “Yes, Yoo-mi, I think this gets more on people’s nerves.” And so I tried to make it as annoying as possible.” Clearly, all of that effort created true enemy-like energy on set. Coz seriously: who wasn’t annoyed by her?

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