Meet the Characters of “All of Us are Dead”

Want to know what to do and what not to do during a zombie apocalypse? Take a page out of Hyosan High school students’ book as they do absolutely everything they can to get out of their zombie-infested alma mater in All Of Us Are Dead. Trapped in a virus-ridden school with no cellphones, no food, and nobody to take care of them, the students reach for desk lamps, bookshelves, and bows to defend themselves from zombies in a desperate fight for survival.

Before diving deep into the adventures of Hyosan High School’s students, though, get to know the characters of this must-watch Korean zombie series here:

Lee Cheong-san (played by Yoon Chan-young)

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A student at Hyosan High School who is secretly in love with his neighbor and childhood friend, Cheong-san runs and moves very fast. He is very skilled at dodging zombies, climbing walls, shelves, ducts, and other high things. He also thinks quickly on his feet.

Nam On-jo (played by Park Ji-hu)

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Nam On-jo is Cheong-san’s neighbor, childhood friend, and secret crush. Her dad is a firefighter and has taught her survival skills that come in handy during emergencies, such as a zombie outbreak. On-jo has a crush on reformed school bully Su-hyeok.

Lee Su-hyeok/ Bare-su (played by Lomon)

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Besides being a bully the previous year, Su-hyeok is known to not pay attention during class and because of his reputation, he’s too shy to tell his overachiever crush he has feelings for her. As an athlete, Su-hyeok runs very fast, is a fearless climber, and can really throw a punch or two.

Choi Nam-ra, center (played by Cho Yi-hyun), and Oh Joon-yeong, far right (played by An Seoung-Kyun)

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Being the Junior class president and top 1 student in her batch, some people are easily intimidated by Nam-ra but it doesn’t bother her — she seems perfectly fine not to have friends. She may not be very good at physical fighting but she is very smart under pressure. Oh Joon-yeong, on the other hand, is the top 2 student in their batch. He’s quite the genius when it comes to building things, from makeshift ladders to drones.

Yang Dae-su, foreground (played by Lim Jae-hyeok), Jang Wu-jin, boy behind Dae-su (played by Son Sang-yeon), and Ms. Park Sun-hwa, second from left (played by Lee Sang-hee)

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Yang Dae-su is a student who loves to sing and eat. In terms of brute strength, he’s the most reliable in the group. Jang Wu-jin is Dae-su’s best friend. He doesn’t volunteer as a leader, but he’s a very good team player. Like Su-hyeok, Wu-jin is very good at punching zombies. Ms. Park Sun-hwa is their English teacher who cares very deeply about the safety of Hyosan High’s students. She’s observant, patient, and willing to take risks for the students.

Lee Na-yeon (played by Lee You-mi)

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A wealthy student who likes to spread rumors and pass judgment about her fellow students and even teachers, Lee Na-yeon doesn’t help much, is always the first one who runs for safety, and complains quite a lot. Her own survival is the only thing that matters to her.

Han Gyeong-su (played by Ham Sung-min)

Cheong-san’s best friend will do anything, no matter how scary, to help out his best friend. His family doesn’t have as much money as his classmates’ and he sometimes gets made fun of because of it.

Yoon I-sak (played by Kim Ju-a)

On-jo’s best friend, Yoon I-sak is not one to quickly jump to safety and is willing to do dangerous tasks for the group.

Kim Ji-min (played by Kim Jin-yeong)

A member of the school choir, she’s willing to pull her own weight in the group by quickly volunteering for tasks.

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Seo Hyo-ryeong, second from right (played by Kim Bo-yoon)

A student who’s very close friends with Ji-min.

Lee Jin-su (played by Lee Min-goo)

Son of the school’s science teacher. He’s an outcast and often gets bullied.

Min Eun-ji and Kim Cheol-su (played by Oh Hye-soo and An Ji-ho, respectively)

Outcasts who get bullied for telling on the school bullies.

Kim Hyeon-ju (played by Jeong E-suh)

A school bully whose curiosity turns her into the school outbreak’s patient zero.

Yoon Gwi-nam (played by Yoo In-soo)

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One of the school’s biggest bullies, though he’s known mostly as the bullies’ gopher or errand boy.

Jang Ha-ri, archer on far right (played by Ha Seung-lee) and Park Mi-jin, center with the mop handle (played by Lee Eun-saem)

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Jang Ha-ri is a senior and an archer who goes on a kickass mission to find and save her younger brother, while Park Mi-jin is a very mouthy senior who hates taking exams. She’s quite resourceful when it comes to zombie-killing weapons.

Jung Min-jae (played by Jin Ho-eun)

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A junior archer who is very loyal to senior archer Ha-ri.

Yoo Joon-seong (played by Yang Han-yeol)

A student who gets stuck in the bathroom with Mi-jin and who then becomes her closest friend during the outbreak.

Mr. Lee Byeong-chan (played by Kim Byong-chul)

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A genius science teacher at Hyosan, whose son is an outcast and often gets bullied in school.

Nam So-ju (played by Jeon Bae-soo)

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On-jo’s dad, a firefighter captain who will stop at nothing to save his daughter.

Cheong-San’s Mom

Owner of Cheongsan Chicken. No matter how dangerous, she goes to the school to find her son.

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Detective Song Jae-ik (played by Lee Kyoo-hyung)

A police detective who is the first person to discover the truth behind the zombie outbreak.

Jeon Ho-cheol (played by Park Jae-chul)

A newbie police officer whose prestigious Seoul University education is put to the test during the zombie outbreak.

Jin Seon-moo (played by Kim Jong-tae)

This Martial Law Command leader who is very disciplined and by the book wants to save as many lives as he can and is willing to sacrifice the few.

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Park Eun-hee (played by Bae Hae-sun)

An assembly member who gets stranded in Hyosan and demands special rescue and quarantine treatment for her and her staff.

Orangeibberish (played by Lee Si-hoon)

A vlogger who goes to Hyosan (all geared up and everything) to find out if rumors of a zombie outbreak there are true.

All of Us are Dead is now streaming, only on Netflix. 

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