How I Embraced My New Pregnancy Body with a Photo Shoot

I never used to have a problem with my body, I’ve always been comfortable with how I look like, but all of that changed when I got pregnant.

It’s quite scary to be pregnant, and one of the first things that came into my mind was how my body would change. Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful to be pregnant. However, everything is so new to me. Once people learned about my pregnancy, many “warned” me about how I would put on weight and how I might struggle to get rid of the baby weight after giving birth. I went through mental struggles despite being happy about growing a human being inside my body.

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I was looking through some maternity photos on Pinterest when I realized how beautiful the whole pregnancy experience is. I realized that each body is different and that each pregnancy looks different. This urged me to go online and look for a photography team who could take my maternity photos so I could commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

I wasn’t comfortable with having a photo shoot with a guy, so I was so happy to have found Boudoir Le Blanc. The team is composed of sisters Heather and Tooney White. Heather serves as the Creative Director, while Tooney serves as the photographer.

This sister team-up made my experience incredibly comfortable. I highly recommend them, especially to those who are new to getting their photos taken.

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Unlike other boudoir companies, Boudoir le Blanc offers an all-in package that includes the conceptualization, set design, hair, makeup, and studio/location. This ensures a stress-free shoot; you just have to arrive and voila! 

What I love about Boudoir Le Blanc is how they really get to know their clients before the shoot. Each client needs to answer a questionnaire so they know what your interests are, what kind of photos you like, and what things you would be comfortable doing during the shoot.

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During the shoot, there were only four people in the studio: Heather, Tooney, makeup artist Katrina Britanico, and hair stylist Bea Bautista. Right after prepping, the glam team left and I got to start my photo shoot with the dynamic duo. Even though I had just met the team, I was super comfortable posing for them because they knew what I was going through during my pregnancy. They really made sure I was at ease.

I am so happy that I got to share this experience with Heather and Tooney because I honestly don’t know if I would have been that comfortable doing my maternity shoot with another team. I was so happy to see the final photos, as well.

Thanks to them, I have an entirely different outlook about my body now. The Boudoir Le Blanc team helped me appreciate my body more and see how magical all of these changes are. I no longer just see a full tummy, but a happy mom-to-be who is celebrating all of these changes.

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Tooney and Heather White of Boudoir Le Blanc

If you want a maternity shoot or even just a regular photo shoot to celebrate something or to give as a gift, check out Boudoir Le Blanc.

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