How Francine Diaz Dealt With People Telling Her ”Mukha Siyang Siopao”

In a recent interview, Francine Diaz revealed that her no. 1 insecurity is the shape of her face. According to her, it’s because people would always say “Oh my gosh, siopao” and “Ang laki ng panga mo” when they see her.

This wasn’t the case when she was younger, though. In fact, her family would always reassure her by saying it was her asset. “Before when I was a kid, I thought I looked cute because, of course, my family would say, ‘Hindi, okay lang yan, ang cute nga eh, you look pretty,’” she told Philippine Entertainment Portal (

Until she entered show business and started to age. She shared, “I always hear a lot of people saying na ‘Mukha siyang siopao,’ or ‘Ang laki ng panga niya’.” The worst part is that even people she doesn’t know personally tell these comments about her face straight to her face. “Kahit harapan, people na hindi ko kilala, they always say that to me in front of my face,” she recalled.


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On how she used to deal with them, here’s what she said: “I just always smile and laugh, pero deep inside nakaka-hurt because I thought parang isa siya sa mga beauty ko nung bata ako.” She also added that the comments even made her doubt her beauty and think to herself, “Ah, pangit pala.”

Nevertheless, Francine was able to overcome this insecurity. She came to accept, appreciate, and trust her own unique beauty regardless of what other people thought. “It doesn’t matter naman kung ano iniisip nila sa itsura ko, and kung ganoon tingin nila, wala akong magagawa,” she firmly said. “I love myself and hindi ko naman bibigyan ng attention ang mga sinasabi nila na makakaapekto sa akin, or the way kung paano ko tingnan ang sarili ko.”

Wrapping up, the 18-year-old actress, known for her roles in “Kadenang Ginto” and “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” advised fans who might have the same dilemma: “Huwag mo papakinggan sasabihin ng ibang tao sayo. Although mahirap na hindi pansinin, but dapat parating nangunguna yung self-love mo, and it’s important na tanggap mo yung sarili mo for who you are, and kung ano yung itsura mo.”

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