HOT: Pia Wurtzbach Wants to be a Bond Girl!

Cue in intro music from the James Bond franchise and mix in a dry martini, here comes Pia Wurtzbach as 007’s sexy femme fatale sidekick

–Well, from Pia’s dreams. She tells Lara Spencer on a one-on-one interview on Good Morning America (GMA) on her first ever interview as reigning Miss Universe.

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Photo grabbed from Youtube All rights reserved: Good Morning America

She tells Lara about her Bond-girl aspiration “That’s always been one of my dreams. I hope I’ll be able to do that.” she adds that even though this has been her dream, she is still focusing right now on causes such as HIV awareness and relief operations for communities affected by calamities.


Other Bond girls that have appeared alongside Mr.

Bond are Tatiana Romanova, Denise Richards, Halle Berry and most recently the enchanting Eva Green.


Photo by Raymond Saldana

Although she definitely has the “assets” Do you think Pia has the overall mystique of being a Bond girl?