Hosting the 2011 Boss Ironman Motorcycle Challenge Victory Party of Club PK

That Club PK Victory Party was off the hook! Here I am with my co-host Hannah and the FHM Babes and Premier Vixens – Christine Marquez, Karen Bordador and Paulene So.

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We just want to congratulate Club PK for winning 1st place in the 2011 Boss Ironman Challenge! It was an honor to be able to join you and host your Club PK Victory Party! I (DJ Vince) hosted their victory party along with Hannah of and Tek Tok TV.

The name “Pokpoks” is first used to refer to this sport bike group. Several explanations have been offered for the quite explicit name. These guys started out with just a handful in 2006 consist of ex-superbike racers, veteran riders, and newbies. It is a motorcycle group without distinction, officers, presidents, or leaders, and they just ride with almost everyone and every club that invites them.

They were accepted without a hitch amongst the motorcycle community for being sociable and friendly. The Pokpoks are firm to their tag, which says “Never a Club, Always A Pack”. Every club has its members, but the Pokpoks only have “regulars” – riders who goes with them on every ride.

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In 2008, they brought back the nightlife into the 2-wheel world when they created “Bike Night Thursday”, a well-organized monthly event in the Metro, where every meet becomes a blast. Many clubs and riders were always present and more than a hundred motorcycles were always seen. Furthermore, in 2009, they created and held the “1st Club Fun Race” at the Batangas Racing Circuit and the “MotoGP Nights” watching the race of the MotoGP season with bets and few quid at stake.

They then started to grow in numbers and participated in other motorcycle activities, such as the Philippine Superbike Races and the BOSS Ironman Challenge that is held annually in January. Early this 2010, there were plans to turn this group into a “club” and this was finally established on September 10 with the official name CLUBPK Motorcycle Association Incorporated “Now A Club, Always A Pack”.

A turning point for everyone to be more proper and distinctive like other biker clubs, every decision made was settled and agreed upon by everyone. At the time being, ClubPK has 42 members, with most coming from Metro Manila and a few coming from the South in Laguna and Batangas.

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There was an informal Bike Night launch held for ClubPK at Gordos Resto at the Fort Global City last October 6. The parking space was overwhelmed by almost 140 motorcycles. Bike clubs and individuals came to show support and congratulate this newly born club. The set of officers for this year was appointed and headed by Jotle Viray (president), Jun Ramos (vice-president), Archie Garcia (secretary), Toto Villanueva (treasurer) and Richie Soriano (auditor).