Hostels vs. Hotels: Which Do You Prefer?

Lots of people have discovered the joy of traveling by now. They want to explore new places and try new attractions. For any tourism activity, though, one of the basic needs of travelers is their accommodation. Backpackers and tourists need a temporary place to rest and stay while they are on a tour.

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Hostels and hotels both offer regular paid accommodation and lodging facilities for short-term periods. However, there are various differences between a hotel and a hostel. Despite the fact that hotels offer more personalized lodging facilities, for example, hostels present a more sociable space that is more often than not budget-oriented.

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In a hostel, guests can rent a bed or a bunk bed in a shared dormitory with all other shared facilities, like a lounge area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Most hostels have mixed rooms; others provide same sex rooms. There is also an option for private rooms. In general, hostels are inexpensive lodging alternatives both for backpackers and tourists alike.

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One noteworthy difference between hostels and hotels is the lack of privacy since roughly all of the facilities are shared. On the other hand, there is more social interaction among the guests in a hostel. In fact, most hostels encourage both indoor and outdoor activities mostly revolving around cultural exchanges.

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Hotels generally offer more private and personalized accommodations with fully furnished rooms and facilities, such as air conditioning, cable TV, telephone and internet services on top of access to the hotel bar where food and drinks may be served. Hotels vary in quality and styles and more often than not, the asking price will reflect the value and standard of services that they offer.

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There is also a star rating system from one to five stars. More stars signify a more superior quality of services and facilities. Bigger hotels provide a great deal of supplementary facilities on top of the basics, including swimming pools, and fancy restaurants and bars.

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To all of travelers out there, which do you prefer: hostel or hotels? Take your pick.

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