Hostage Ko… Multo! Movie Screening starring Smokey Manaloto and Jun Urbano

This coming March 16,2011 is the showing of the first lead role movie of Smokey Manloto—“Hostage Ko…Multo!. This action-horror-comedy was directed by a known movie director, Junn P. Cabreira. This was also the first movie produced by the SimZone Entertainment Productions

This digital film also stars a known comedian Mr. Jun Urbano. Fresh new faces like Lea Ledesma, Marie Santiago, Ryan Madrid were also included in this digital film. HKM was also considered as a big break for the six-footer Jacob Medalla as the sidekick of Manaloto.

Most of the songs used in the HKM were written by Sam Madiri and sang by the Day Breaks Band, who were also first timers for digital film.

Since almost everyone in this movie was on their first time, Direk Junn and Mr. Jun Yuson (HKM excecutive producer), meticulously did this movie to make it more effective. Direk Junn was also very glad because of the all out support of the SM Cinemas, as they have agreed to show Hostage Ko… Multo! in most of their Cinemas Nationwide.

In connection to the movie, Director Junn P. Cabreira and Jun Yuson, were former members of Sampaguita Boys of Sampaguita Pictures’ Dr. Vera Perez. The three of them met recently together with their other friend Ramil Rodriguez. The four of them were planning to come up again with a new project to help out newbies in movie industry. They were also targeting to give projects to good artists, yet forgotten ones in the movie industry, like what they did on Hostage Ko… Multo! They also want to do charity for some of the sick film writers.

Hostage Ko… Multo! was about Isko (Smokey Manoloto) and his childhood friend who find themselves mistakenly hired to work on a mansion owned by a reclusive Chinese millionaire, Don Emilio (Jun Urbano). Isko is adored for his genuine loyalty and diligence but is still attested for his bravery when some intruders who are after Don Emilio’s wealth; locked them down in the place, which turned out to be populated with spirits, broke into the mansion. Find out how Isko and his friends round up and outsmart the bad guys with the help from their friendly ghosts. This wacky and hilarious movie with downright humorous peculiar situations will keep you laughing until the very end!


Hostage Ko… Multo! Movie Screening starring Smokey Manaloto and Jun Urbano

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