Honne Toured Manila for a Week and We Got to Chat with Them

Can you imagine your favorite band playing 7 days straight? It’s insane! Well, Honne came to Manila to do exactly that from November 7 to 13, 2019, playing songs from the albums ‘Love me/Love Me Not’ and ‘Warm on a Cold Night’. This is the fourth visit of English electronic pop duo, comprised of Andy Clutterberg and James Hatcher, and they were excited to see their fans coming back every time. They also told us that Asia is one of their favorite parts in the world because it’s so different from the Western world. They totally love the scenery, the cities, and the food. We had a little chat with them before their show and here’s how it went:

Honne and joan Live in Manila 019

How was the journey going from bedroom music to mainstream?

Andy: It’s crazy; we’ve been writing our music in our bedrooms for a very long time. It has been great. I don’t know. I feel like our music still has a certain character or charm of bedroom music that we still look for the little things that make it not like a polished pop record.

James: For “Day 1” (song) we recorded it with two iPhones *laughs* Then we have this friend hovering around while recording making sounds and we keep all those things in. If you listen to our songs, you’ll always hear little bits of that kind of stuff.

Honne and joan Live in Manila 040

Where do you get your ideas from when writing music?

Andy: I think every album is becoming more and more personal. ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ is a collection of romantic songs. Obviously, they came from inside; but it didn’t really have much of a story. ‘Love me/Love Me Not’ is even becoming more personal and I think the next album will even be more personal still. So if you wanna hear more about my love life, stay tuned! *laughs*

What is music to you?

James: The most important thing that I get from music and that I want to give people is people feeling connected to something, not feeling alone. So I hope people get warmth from the music.

Andy: I find it’s like escapism; so whenever I try to listen on something, take my mind of things that worry me or relaxes me, takes you out wherever you are.

Honne and joan Live in Manila 017

Who would be your dream collaboration?

James: The dream would be Frank Ocean. That would be amazing! That’s definitely a dream. Chance the Rapper would be really cool. I feel like that’s ever so slightly more attainable than Frank Ocean. *laughs*

 Andy: I still like collaborating with people that are on our level, as well. I mean, they’re huge here, so Lany.

Have you tried Filipino food yet?

Andy: I like sisig. What else? Cloud 9. *laughs*

James: Adobo is quite nice, yeah. But not looking forward to trying balut. *laughs*

Honne and joan Live in Manila 034

Honne’s Asia Tour went incredibly well in Manila. Were you able to go?

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