Homemade Happiness at Nikko’s Baking Studio, Makati

Do you also think of “home” every single time you smell the aroma of tuyo and longganisa? Does the memory of eating breakfast with your family cross your mind when you take a bite of pandesal and chorizo? Do you yearn for your favorite home-cooked meals and wish you can have them in an instant?

If your answers are all yes then lucky you because we found a homey restaurant right in the middle of the bustling streets of Makati. The establishment, Nikko’s Baking Studio, is just a walk away from the city’s business district. It’s the perfect place for breakfast with family, lunch out with friends, and a dinner for two with your S.O.

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 1

The concept behind Nikko’s Baking Studio is to serve unpretentious comfort food. Well, what better way to serve comfort food than to prepare meals that people love since childhood, right? Not to mention, all the art works displayed on the walls are painted by the owner’s mother and most of the chairs and tables are their home furniture. These add up to the whole homey vibe of the place. The restaurant is basically the extension of your home’s kitchen.

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 2


Nikko’s Baking Studio houses affordable and delicious homemade dishes from sandwiches and pastas to all-day-breakfast meals and specials.

For starters, we had two of their sandwiches, the Spanish Sardines and Boracay Chori Burger. Super loved the Boracay Chori Burger! I mean, who can say no to chorizo-stuffed pandesal filled with cheese that melts in your mouth?

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 4

Spanish Sardines, P 220.00

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 5

Boracay Chori Burger, P 180.00

We also tried their Shrimp, Capers and Olives pasta, whose name speaks for itself, and the Creamy Bacon Pesto. Two things we love in one plate, bacon + pesto. The serving is abundant which will definitely satisfy your pasta cravings.

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 6

Shrimp, Capers & Olives, P 280.00


Creamy Bacon Pesto, P280.00

Next, we tried their all day breakfast meals. Yes, they offer all day breakfast because just like at home, no one will stop you from eating the good old corned beef, tuyo, daing, etc. whenever you feel like it.

We had three of their house favorites, P.R.E. (Pusit, Rice and Egg), Jay’s Sweet Tapa and Dad’s Longganisa. They even buy their longganisa all the way from Bulacan and prepare it just like how the owner’s dad cooks it. Jay’s Sweet Tapa is our paborito!

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 7

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 8

P.R.E. Pusit, Rice & Eggs – P 180.00, Dad’s Longganisa – P 280.00, Jay’s Sweet Tapa – P 280.00

For dessert, we had Nikko’s Calamansi Pie. It’s the local version of key-lime pie which is made from crushed oatmeal, calamansi curd, and non-dairy whipped cream. Having a bite of it makes me want to take one of their baking classes! It’s deliciously unique. A 12/10, I must say!

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 10

Calamansi Pie

Homemade Happiness Nikko's Baking Studio 11

Pandan Iced Tea – P 90.00, Lemongrass Iced Tea, P 90.00

Speaking of classes, Nikko’s Baking Studio offers personalized baking classes which are recipe hands-on lessons. So, whether you want to satisfy your “home food” cravings, relax your senses by going somewhere serene, or learn how to create your favorite baked desserts, Nikko’s Baking Studio is definitely the place to go to.


Nikko’s Baking Studio

59-A Paseo de Roxas, Urdaneta Village, Makati City
(02) 887-1711