HOHO Chickenchop: Taiwan’s Famous Street Food in Manila

When In Manila, don’t you just love street food? Well, here’s one you guys should try! HOHO Chickenchop, our Manila version of Taiwan’s most famous street food!

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I first tried chickenchop when I went to Hong Kong last year. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken was introduced to me by my uncle, and being a fan of chicken, of course, I loved it! And so when I learned that we have a similar store here in Manila that offers chickenchop, I got so excited to visit them, hence this article.

Hoho Chickenchop


HOHO Chickenchop is located at La Torre  Street, in between Hope Christian High School and St. Stephen’s High School in Manila. Curious about the origin of the store name, I didn’t hesitate to ask the owner Richmond about it. According to him, Chinese words 好好, pronounced as hao hao in Mandarin, means good or when read in Cantonese “hoho”, which then translates to “Good Chickenchop!”



Me at Hoho Chickenchop 

By the first look, I got so excited to grab a bite because I have craved so much for this!

Hoho Chickenchop Products: Preparation

Hoho Chickenchop’s best seller would be the Hoho Chicken Chop itself. For the price of Php 85.00, you get a big strip of Chicken deep fried with 6 flavors to choose from–REALLY WORTH IT!


Hoho Chickenchop uses freshly cut chicken strips, marinated for a maximum of 2 days and originally made flavor recipes.

The chicken undergoes 2 batches of frying, the first is when the chicken is initially cooked and the second fry which is higher in temperature, removes the oil from the chicken. So when the chicken chop is served, it is not greasy BUT JUICY!



Deep Fried Hoho Chickenchop Special 


Hoho Chickenchop cut into strips for easier comsumption 

 There are 6 flavors to choose from (applies to all products):

Hoho Special which is the original salt and pepper with basil leaves

Original Flavor which is the salt and pepper only

Plum Flavor which is a mix of sweet and salty–A MUST TRY!!

Sour Cream Flavor

Lemon Pepper Flavor

Barbeque Flavor–newly added!

Hot and Spicy Flavor 


Hoho Chickenchop flavors added 

As for us, we were served the Hoho Special Flavor. At first bite, I wasn’t able to control myself that I really complimented Richmond for having these chops perfectly the same as that in Hong Kong. I told him I feel like I’m in the streets of Hong Kong because of what I’m eating at the moment!


The photo looks good itself but you really have to try it to know what I’m saying.

To taste is to believe.



Hoho Chickenchop at Php 85.00; also available in half serving at Php 45.00

No wonder Cholo and Philippe enjoyed their share of the Hoho Chickenchops!


Philippe and Cholo enjoying the Hoho Chickenchop

The next product served to us was the newly added Fried Squid to their  menu. It undergoes the same procedure as the chickenchop except that it is squid your eating. So for seafood lovers, I’m betting you’re going to love this!  The flavor added was the PLUM FLAVOR. It may sound weird but it is the best I’ve tasted for the day. I love how the sweet and salty flavor mix inside your mouth. It’s the flavor I will always be looking for. As Richmond says: “It is one of the best selling flavor”



 Hoho Chickenchop’s new addition to their menu


 Hoho Chickenchop Fried Squid at Php 50.00


Me and Cheryl enjoying our share of Plum Flavored Fried Squid 

Of course, Hoho Chickenchop made their original product that is only found here in the Philippines! Thanks to the wife, Mrs. Priscilla Tan, for coming up with a new item on their menu–Hoho Chickenchop’s Crispy Corndog! This product made me hype even more! One serving contains 3 mini hotdogs coated with original Hoho breading. What’s nice about it is that you can also add your chosen flavor to it! This was the chance we tasted the original flavor.


Hoho Chickenchop’s Crispy Corndog at Php 35.00 


Cheryl and me all smiles for the corndog! 

The four of us agreed how good Hoho Chickenchop products are! We definitely recommend it for everyone to try.

Hoho Chickenchop also serve Crispy Chicken Skin of Chickcharon at Php 30.00. They also provide Hoho Treats that include rice and drinks! So When In Manila, street foods aren’t as bad we think… Sometimes, the best tasting ones can be found just around the crowded streets of Metro Manila! You just have to go and search for it!


When In Manila at Hoho Chickenchop 

HOHO ChickenChop


 1388 La Torre Street, Tondo, Manila (Between Masangkay St. and Benavidez St.)

Store Hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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HOHO Chickenchop: Taiwan’s Famous Streetfood in Manila