My Hogwarts Letter Has Finally Arrived!


When I got home, I received the most fantastic parcel ever! The first thing that caught my attention was the owl that ‘carried’ my letter.

Hp owl

With my hands shaking in excitement, I fumbled over the strings of the parcel and my eyes almost welled up when I saw it: MY HOGWARTS ACCEPTANCE LETTER.

hogwarts letter

Complete with the description of my bedroom and my house address, the Hogwarts seal in the envelope, Professor McGonagall’s signature and a list of the supplies I must buy from Diagon Alley, the delay was worth it! It’s finally here! Hogwarts, I’m coming!

After a crazy day of shopping for robes, cauldrons, books and, of course, my wand, The Hogwarts Express is the next thing for me. Of course, I checked out some of the things from the treats trolley.

chocolate frog HP

Okay! Enough with my dramatic fangirling! Nope. I didn’t go to the Harry Potter Theme Park in Universal Studios Orlando. I have The Potter Heritage to thank for all of these wonderful things! They’re this awesome shop that sells fantastic HP stuff that will blow any Potterhead’s mind!

They have this awesome Deathly Hallows x Glasses ring plus this Snape Doe x Always necklace that proves to be the ideal gift for any Harry Potter fan!

snape always HP

They also have a Helga Hupplepuff Horcrux Cup necklace, an HP Ultimate Charm Bracelet and a Deathly Hallows Bracelet.

HP Accessories

They also have awesome posters and other ”props” that a true HP fan must have (just check out this Sirius Black’ Wanted poster, Gryffindor House Mini-poster, Skiving Snackbox Ad from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Luna Lovegood’s List of Lost Items and the Basilisk book page from Chamber of Secrets).


HP parchments

And if you want to take Hogwarts with you to the Muggle world in your Muggle school, check out these awesome stuff:

HP school supplies

So that’s it for my immense Potterhead moment! Go and get your Hogwarts letters now and see you there!


(Ravenclaw necktie also from The Potter Heritage)



Instagram: @thepotterheritage


Another reason to grab your Potterhead gear? The new Harry Potter movie spin-off!

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