HiC! Happiness in Cupcakes: Get Buzzed with Alcoholic Cupcakes!

Not your ordinary cupcakes!

HiC! Alcoholic Cupcakes

When in Manila and tired of the usual sweet treats, why not try something specifically made for the fun-loving party-going alcohol chugger in all of us? Happiness in Cupcakes, also known as HiC! (get it? Hic? So punny!) have been gathering raves for their crazy alcoholic cupcakes. You read that right, these aren’t your usual run of the mill cupcakes – these are sweet treats infused with your favorite alcoholic drinks!  Happiness in Cupcakes have taken your favorite cocktails, such as the Margarita and Pina Colada, and turned them into edible dessert versions. Consider it the most innocent way of getting buzzed! We were sent a box of these fine alcoholic cupcakes to sample, so Wednesday and I got straight to work on the difficult task of devouring them one by one! 😛

Alcoholic or Virgin? 😛


The Cupcakes! (Clockwise: Car Bombs, The Elvis, Mojito, Food for the Gods, Margarita, Red Hot Choco Peppers)



HiC! Alcoholic Cupcakes

The cupcake that first caught my eye was the Car Bombs cupcake, a delicious chocolate cupcake moistened with Cerveza Negra and topped with creamy Bailey’s Irish Buttercream frosting, with a dark chocolate ganache laced with Johnnie Walker whisky! I was sold at Bailey’s Irish Buttercream frosting, but the dark chocolate ganache in the middle was such a rich and delectable surprise!

Considering that HiC! cupcakes are made with a splash of alcohol, you might think that they would taste strong and bitter, but they are actually quite the opposite! While a faint flavor of the liquor is still present, it does not deter the overall taste of the cupcake. It actually accentuates the sweetness nicely, but it’s subtle enough to let you know that the cupcake is spiked. Remember that these cupcakes pack a punch! They’re strong enough to get you slightly light-headed, but not so drastic as to get you hammered or hungover. As for the level of buzz, it’s greatly determined by individual alcohol tolerance.

The Margarita Cupcake


The Mojito Cupcake



Another confection worth a try is the HiC! Margarita cupcake. It is a lemon-infused cupcake topped with a citrus cloud, sprinkled with lime zest and course-grained salt. Similar to their Mojito cupcake, the Margarita was very light and mildly sweet, perfect for those who aren’t into the extremely sugary cupcake varieties. I must say that the tangy lemon flavor was well pronounced! Biting into the course-grained salt topping sure took me by surprise! You wouldn’t really expect a cupcake to have a sudden saltiness to it, but this one worked very well.



I was a bit iffy about trying out HiC!’s Red Hot Choco Peppers cupcake at first; the idea of having a spicy cupcake was just so wild! Taking a bite of it opened my eyes to the wildly amazing flavor of spicy-sweet; it reminded me of those fancy chocolate bars laced with chili, so good! This HiC! Cupcake was actually inspired by Mexican hot cocoa; it’s a dark chocolate cupcake spiked with hot chili flakes and smothered with Kahlua chocolate ganache. Yes, Kahlua! How inventive!

The Elvis cupcake


Food for the Gods cupcake



HiC! Virgin Cupcakes

Important reminder: HiC! does not sell these alcoholic cupcakes to minors, sorry kids! They do have a pair of Virgin cupcakes, however. These are The Elvis cupcake, which takes inspiration from The King’s favorite deep fried peanut butter banana and bacon sandwich (you can’t miss it, it’s topped with a bacon!), and their Food for the Gods cupcake.

Wednesday approves!


Enjoy! *hic!*



HiC! Cupcakes are the perfect way to kickstart a party, I bet they’d go great with the cocktails from which they were derived! So When in Manila and looking for an alternative way to get buzzed, take a bite of one of the HiC! alcoholic cupcakes!

HiC! (Happiness in Cupcakes) Alcoholic Cupcakes


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