Heroes for Better: Western Union Honors 25 Filipino Migrants

After months of searching for Filipino migrants who had made an outstanding difference in making a positive impact in the community, The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU), a leader in global payment services, announced the top 25 Filipino migrants who are living proof that Filipino migrants are indeed our modern day heroes.

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Western Union had deemed it important to recognize heroic efforts of Filipino migrants, to affirm their invaluable contribution to their families, communities, and the country. These migrants did not just send money back home; they had also given pride to the Filipino community with their successful missions.

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“The “Heroes for Better” campaign celebrates the lives of migrant Filipinos, their work, and their personal advocacies because they were the ones who were courageous enough to run after their dreams and to take it further by fulfilling other people’s dreams,” shares Patricia Riingen, Senior Vice President of South East Asia & Oceania, Western Union. “The campaign does not just recognize and tell their stories; it also provides them a platform to inspire others to pay it forward.”

The 25 heroes are Eddie Vega, Nestor Puno, Nilo Beltran, Adelaida Saito, Edmond Corpuz, Nanette Carillo, RJ Garcia, Agnes Granada, Mauro Oreta, Vangie Jorquia, Consorcia De Leon-Scholtz, Jay Jaboneta Vincent Benares, Edna Dorado, Mary Jane Al Mahdi, Hengie Taton, Mario Balboa, Alexis Belonio, Benette Cueto, Julieta Solas, Armand and Bing Serrano, Judith Gonzales, Nilda Cochrane, Cecilia Cech, and Asma Vilmonte.

Western Union will award USD25,000 to support the advocacy of the highest-voted hero. To learn more about this, log on to www.wuheroesforbetter.org.