Here’s Why This Insulated Tumbler Is the Latest Budol Trend

Since most of us are powered by coffee nowadays, mugs and tumblers have become a commodity. The best way to enjoy coffee is truly by having it on a functional and aesthetically pleasing container. While there are tons of options in the market, this specific insulated mug/tumbler rose above them all, and here’s why!

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Vacuum-insulated containers are known to be expensive. Like, the most affordable one I could find before this is at around 600 pesos and that is already on sale! Tyeso, however, is very affordable as it is only for sale on Shopee at 315 to 350 pesos!

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It is available in two sizes: 600mL and 890mL, and can be used for any hot and cold beverages. The design lets you use it as a mug or a tumbler as it comes with two covers and a straw, and there are plenty of colors to choose from!

Click here to see the Tyeso Tumbler on Shopee!

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Whether you like your coffee hot or iced, we need something that will keep our drink at our desired temperature for long when we are working or studying for hours. This stainless steel thermos can also do that. 😉

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During this challenging time, the only thing we can depend on to keep us sane and strong is coffee. So we might as well have it in a reliable mug or tumbler that would also look cute on our desks.

Click here to buy the Tyeso Tumbler now!

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