Here’s What Your Chocolate Preference Says About Your Personality

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

Chocolate is something that a lot of us enjoy, whether it’s for dessert or just a small snack. However, chocolate is not just a matter of preference. Your favorite chocolate can also tell you something about your personality. Here’s your chocolate match based on your personality:

8. Milk Chocolate

You’re a go-with-the-flow type of the person. You like things a certain way, and you’re okay with that. Maybe you’re also the type of person who has a lot of friends since they see you as someone who can comfort them.

7. Dark Chocolate

You’re a firm person. By a firm person, I mean someone who always stands up for what they believe in and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Dark chocolate lovers have that strong personality in them.

6. White Chocolate

An adventurous person, that’s what you are! You’re probably someone always up for something new and aren’t afraid of it. It’s either you have something already planned or are looking for something to try!

5. Chocolate Fondue

You’re definitely a fun person to be with! Chocolate fondues are made for those who have a fun personality, andpeople always want to be around you because of it!

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4. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is for a people who values relaxation. You’re probably a person who takes self-care seriously. With a cup of hot chocolate, you sure are the type of person who loves the fancy things in life.

3. Chocolate Chips

You like meeting new people! You’re most probably that person who is always seen at a party socializing because your life mantra is “the more the merrier.”

2. Chocolate Ice Cream

You’re probably a person who has a lot of hobbies. You like to keep busy, but in a way that you enjoy it. You’re on the constant lookout for what you can do next because you’re sure to be interested in something new very soon!

1. Chocolate Fudge

You’re an ambitious person. You can dream to your hearts content and you make sure you achieve that dream. No bump in the road can stop you from achieving your life’s dream!

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What’s your chocolate match? Leave yours in the comments down below!

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