5 Things Only Chocolate Lovers Would Understand

Words by Joseph Cesar

Usually, chocolate is a treat given to children when they’ve done something good–finished homework, helped with chores, got a good grade, what have you. Another reason why chocolate would be given out is it’s the holiday season and you have no idea what to get your boss, friend, family, or significant other.

But for chocolate lovers, it is more than just a simple treat or an easy gift. No, no, no… Rather, it is part of living and sustenance. It is the fuel that keeps the engine running. The oil that keeps the fire burning, and the thing that keeps the ball rolling. Well, now that I’m all out of rhyming metaphors, here are 5 things only chocolate lovers would understand.

5. EVERY time is Chocolate time

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and everything in between is the perfect time to eat chocolate and no one can say otherwise. You’d get looks saying: “Really, chocolate right now?” which honestly makes the bite even more satisfying than it already is.

4. Tailored to YOUR fit

While you appreciate classic chocolates like milk, dark, and white, there’s a combination that seems to be made just for you–no matter how weird it may seem for others. Blueberry dark chocolate, orange chocolate, bacon chocolate, there’s always one that calls for your soul.

3. ANY Shape or Form

Chocolate lovers know that delicious chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be found in a hot drink, a cold drink, a doughnut, a pastry, and many more. It’s all about exploring and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

2. A Day Without Chocolate…

A day without chocolate doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the world but it cuts it pretty close. A day without a dose of chocolate is incomplete. During these times, you’d settle for cheap alternatives and in desperate times, they get the job done (but it’s not the same).

1. More than just Sweet

While chocolates are considered “sweets”, they mean so much more. It can provide relief, happiness, and comfort without it having to say or do anything. Its versatility makes it evident that it is so much more than just sweet.

Craving chocolate now? We don’t blame you. Check out Tim Hortons and their extensive chocolatey choices for your daily fix! We’ll probably see you there! 😉


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