Here’s What the Different Colors of Roses Mean

Ah, roses. What woman doesn’t love getting roses on Valentine’s Day, right? A lot of the time, roses are the safe go-to gift on this special day. However, there are times when we buy roses depending on the recipient’s favorite color without really thinking about what that particular color might mean in a rose.

So, to avoid confusion, we’ve rounded up the different colors of roses out there and compiled what they mean, so you don’t mistakenly tell your crush you love them as ‘just a friend’ when you buy them a rose or ten this week:


Fiora Manila Ecuadorian Roses Flower bouquet Valentines

Red is the most traditional color for a rose and is definitely the safest option for you if you want to surprise someone you love on Valentine’s Day. Red roses symbolise love and romance, and would be your best bet if you want to let someone know that you love them.


Fiora Manila Ecuadorian Roses Flower bouquet Valentines

If you really like someone, but don’t necessarily love them yet; then a pink rose can put that message across. Pink roses mean admiration, gladness, and joy – the perfect choice for someone you’re courting or someone you’re currently crushing on. You can also give them to someone you look up to.


Fiora Manila Ecuadorian Roses Flower bouquet Valentines

Salmon roses convey desire and excitement… ’nuff said. 😉


White is generally a very pure color and is often used at weddings to represent new beginnings. Done something to piss your woman off lately? Say sorry this Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of white roses.


Fiora Manila Flowers Ecuadorian Roses Valentines

Lavender roses say, “I can’t wait to see what our future holds”. If you guys just started dating or if you want to start something up and confess your feelings, lavender roses would be a great choice for that.


Tread with care. While the color yellow might be cheery and bright, yellow roses tend to be symbols of friendship. If you want to surprise your friends this Valentine’s Day, go straight ahead; but try to avoid giving it to someone you actually like. If they know the meaning of these colors, they might think you’re putting them in the dreaded friend zone.


Aside from being probably the most gorgeous hue for roses, art and literature usually use blue roses to symbolise immortality. For us, this is the ultimate of ultimate rose colors for Valentine’s Day if you want to let someone know how much you really love them.


If you want to make pacute to someone, go for cream roses, which indicate thoughtfulness. They are also a good choice if you want to show someone that you can be sweet, too. Even better, give someone you like a cream rose when there isn’t any occasion at all!

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Want to convey several messages at once? Look for a store that offers roses with a slew of different colours in one:

Which rose color is your personal favorite?

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