Here’s How You Can Make Shot Glasses Out of Ice

Because the summer heat is so intense, sometimes we just can’t get enough of the cold things. Even a glass filled to the brim with ice just isn’t enough.

Have you wanted to drink straight out of ice? Now you can with this cool ice mold!

This cool (pun intended) ice mold allows you to create shot glasses out of ice. Just pour in some water, or whatever drink you might like (feel free to get creative), pop it in your freezer, and you’ve got solid shot glasses made out of ice.

ice mold

Photo from Shopee

This shot glass ice mold can make up to 4 shot glasses at once, and it only costs around 100 pesos on Shopee!

ice mold 2

Photo from Shopee

This ice shot glass is also quite a great option if ever you’ve run out of shot glasses at home.

Need something that will cool you down this summer? Get this shot glass ice mold!

Buy this unique ice mold here!

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