Here’s How You Can Get Your Glasses Done in 20 Minutes

Let’s face it: the whole “Looking-cute-while-wearing-glasses” schtick is a myth.

Looking for the right glasses that strike a balance between “fashionable” and “functional” can be hard for the bespectacled folk. Depending on how high your eye grades are, these can definitely limit your options for specs: how to look more like Clark Kent or New Girl’s Jess Day, and less like Napoleon Dynamite? And don’t even get me started on the “Harry Potter” joke.

Worse than having limited specs options, however, is not having specs right when you need them. How many times have you broke or lost a pair of glasses, only to have to wait a week to get new ones?

No worries, as we found a new way to get your specs done in just 20 minutes after payment. Imagine how much of a game changer that is! No need to wait for an excruciatingly long period to get a pair of glasses (that you don’t really like) — you can claim your new, stylish prescription glasses in the same time it would take you to order coffee at your favorite café.

OWNDAYS provides a most unique experience from other optical stores, with their open concept store design, high-quality and ultra-thin lenses (more on this later!), and more than 1,500 styles available! It’s really a dream come true for those who don’t want to compromise style when it comes to their glasses.

How exactly is OWNDAYS so great? Read on below:

3. Their wide-open concept store design

Imagine going to your favorite retail store, only instead of clothes, you can look at thousands of eyeglasses in different styles (literally over 1,500 styles)! Usually in optical shops, it can even be a little awkward to browse through and try on glasses. OWNDAYS’ open concept allows you to shop for specs like you’re shopping for shoes, helping you find the right pair.

2. Fashion-forward and innovative specs

Short-sighted people have something to look forward to: OWNDAYS carries some pretty top-notch lines like John Dillinger and Fuwa Cellu among other exciting brands, so you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to chic eyewear. Its best-selling collection, AIR Ultem, features ultra-lightweight frames made from Ultem, the same durable material used for spare parts of aircrafts. They’re so light, they only weigh 9.4 grams!

Another amazing feature: their frames carry high-quality, multi-coated lenses, and you can upgrade to ultra-thin lenses for FREE.

1. Lightning-quick service

OWNDAYS understands that most people are on the go, and so they’ve made the process of choosing your eyewear as easy as ticking off an item on a grocery shopping list. We’ve mentioned that the whole process takes 20 minutes after having your vision checked by their in-store licensed optometrist and paying for your glasses! You may also bring in an existing prescription or have your old glasses copied.

Buying specs has never been so simple and fast — no need to worry about separate prices for frames and lenses. OWNDAYS’ set prices include the frame and lenses, as well as a FREE upgrade to ultra-thin lenses regarding of your eye grade. Prices range from P1,990-P6,990, which is definitely an awesome deal for high-quality, stylish glasses.

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