Here are the 7 Types of Friends Everyone Needs in Their Lives

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As we grow older, we begin to realize that we rely on friends just as much as our family. It’s them we turn to for help, advice, and a good time. We all have plenty of friends that serve different purposes in our lives, but if we were asked to only have the essentials, here’s who we recommend:

7. The walwal and kaladkarin friend

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We all need that kaladkarin friend that we can invite anywhere, even at a moment’s notice. These are the people we can call at 3AM to invite them to climb a mountain, then will sleepily tell us to wait 30 minutes. These people are important because they are the ones we can rely on when we want to do something spontaneous. They will rarely turn you down so you can count on them to do anything, whether it’s travel to Hong Kong or try white water rafting.

6. The enabler

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The enablers are the ones who will say yes to everything you ask. “Should I buy this new phone?“ Yes. “Should I date this guy?“ Yes. “Should I book this promo sale and travel solo?“ Yes. With the enabler, the answer is always a solid “heck yeah.“ In a time where people overthink things and we’re expected to always be careful, having a friend like this encourages us to be adventurous and experience everything life has to offer.

5. The foodie

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Having a food buddy is important because of two things: they know where to find the best of any dish, and they are willing to try it with you. They won’t say no to any meal, whether it’s Soup Number 5 (bull testes) or tamilok (woodworm). As noted chef, author, and TV personality Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

4. The “influencer”

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No, you don’t need a real influencer to be your friend (although it would be cool), but one who thinks like one. These are the people who can take a good photo and can turn random moments into something Instragram-worthy. They know the secrets to accentuate features and hide flaws, and can make you look like a star with the right angle and filter. With them, your social media feed will be curated. Who knows? You might actually end up becoming an actual influencer.

3. The tita friend

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These are the friends who are always game for a tita night out. These are the ones we can invite to a chill dinner with wine, grocery shopping, or visiting the department store to look at curtains and bed sheets. The tita friends are more mature so they’re the one we can turn to for guidance and advice. They also have the best recommendations on wine, perfume, and other adulting essentials!

2. The one we can tell our secrets to

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Of course, it’s important to have a friend we can tell all our secrets to. These are the ones who will listen to us rant and complain without saying anything. Sure, they will gently tell us if what we did was wrong, but they will let us know clearly that they are on our side. In an increasingly selfish world where all people care about is themselves, having someone who will genuinely listen is a keeper.

1. The one who will say “Sagot kita!” when needed


These are the people who will be there for us, no matter what. Now that the rainy season is coming up, we need someone to help care for us when we’re #FeelingSick.

Not just comment “get well soon” or like our social media posts, but actually go beyond social media to say “Sagot kita!” Bactidol helped Filipinos be that kind of friend as they gave away thousands of free bottles to help people say “Sagot kita!” to their loved ones feeling sick, like singer Vera, model and host Vince Velasco, and chef JP Anglo.

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Will there be someone who can say #SagotKita when you need it? Or will you be that friend? See how Bactidol helped people become an awesome friend by watching this video:

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