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Dance Creators

Photos / Femme MNL, Joyce Glorioso, and Palicte Family on TikTok

Filipinos are naturally talented and one of the fields we excel in is dancing. Here are just some dance content creators we love who show how awesome we are at it:

Vanjoe Lazaro (@eojnav)

@eojnavFB PAGE :Vanjoe Lazaro♬ PAJAMA PARTY – Vaping.Jexter

If you remember the TikTok dance craze “Pajama Party,” you have Vanjoe Lazaro to thank. He popularized the song by underground hip hop group 1096 Gang when he posted a video of himself dancing to the track last year. In the span of 24 hours, “Pajama Party” jumped to number one on TikTok Philippines’ trends and continued to hold the top spot until January 18.

Hannah Balanay (@thexhan)

@thexhanpls do my dance?♬ Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

Hannah Balanay is another dance creator who has made waves online. Her steps for Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” became a viral hit, with creators like Charli d’Amelio and Addison Rae making their own versions. D’Amelio even performed it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2020. Balanay’s steps became one of TikTok’s most popular dance challenges for that year.

Whamos Cruz (@whamoscruzz)

@whamoscruzz chill lang?dc:@nianaguerrero ?#whamos #whamonette #antonettegail ♬ CHRIS BROWN x ZENDAYA NIANA x FYNN DC – Marc Daniel Bernardo

Whamos Cruz started out when he auditioned for Idol Philippines in 2019. He moved to TikTok, where he now has more than 11 million followers. Cruz is an example of how TikTok can bring people together. He met his girlfriend, Antonette Gail del Rosario, on the app. Del Rosario kept dancing to Cruz’s moves until he courted her online.

Yanyan de Jesus (@yanyandejesus1)

@yanyandejesus1 Support me on my PK BATTLE ON APRIL 23, 10 PM on BIGO! Follow me (id: yanyandejesus) Download BIGO, link in my bio! ❤️ #bigoliveph ♬ Wait A Minute! (Duckhead Edit) – Duckhead Dj Kasur

Yanyan de Jesus does a lot of things on TikTok but some of our favorites are his dance videos. He’s certainly got the moves. De Jesus is a former member of the G-Force Dance Center and was one of the winners of the TikTok All-Star Southeast Asia 2019 competition.

Marc Daniel Bernardo and Katkat Manimtim (@marcdanielbernardo and @katkatmanimtim123)

@marcdanielbernardo Sinayawan ulit HAHAHA @katkatmanimtim dc: US ✨❤️? #bestfriendscheck #selectedph #tiktokph #fyp ♬ Heartbreak Anniversary – Marc Daniel Bernardo

Marc Daniel Bernardo and Katkat Manimtim started as members of a hip-hop dance group that competed in regional competitions. During the pandemic, they moved to TikTok where they created their own choreography. One of their creations is the choreography for Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary,” which became a viral sensation. It now has 3.7 million views on the platform.

Andrea Brillantes (@blythe)

@blythe May mga tao sa dressing room di ako makapag all out hahaha #fyp ♬ YOU AND ME – Austin Ong

Andrea Brillantes is not just an actress but a TikTok superstar. All her videos have millions of views, but one of the most popular ones is of her dancing in a dressing room to Austin Ong’s “You and Me.”

Awra Briguela (@awrabriguela)

@awrabriguelabebelove chloe ✨?♬ Wait A Minute! (Duckhead Edit) – Duckhead Dj Kasur

Awra Briguela is another actor who has made a big splash on TikTok. This recent video of Briguela dancing “Wait a Minute! (Duckhead Edit)” by Duckhead DJ Kasur with Chloe got 2.4 million views.

Femme MNL (@femmemnl)

@femmemnl Sayaw sa banga X vogue #femmeMNL #vogue #dance #choreography #fyp ♬ original sound – FemmeMNL

Femme MNL is a group of dancers who show off their moves on TikTok. One of our favorite videos is of them combining the grace of the banga dance of Kalinga women with the fierceness of the vogue style of dancing.

Joyce Glorioso (@joyang.tv)


One of our favorite dance creators on TikTok is Joyce Glorioso, also known as the Banana Queen. That’s because she posts dance videos in the kitchen, often with a neutral expression on her face and a hand of bananas hanging from the ceiling. Glorioso went with it and even did banana-themed shoots.

The Palicte Family (@palictefamily)

@palictefamily Nice dc ✨ #fyp #palictefamily #tiktokph @christian18_5 @johnrypals ♬ DJ Amelia Sakitinya Tutu Remix Terbaru – ????✨

The Palictes prove that a family that dances together, stays together. This group of titos dance to trending music, with this video of them grooving to “DJ Amelia Sakitinya Tutu Remix Terbaru” by Lara getting 4.5 million views.

Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle (@nianaguerrero, @ranzkyle, and @ranzandniana)

@ranzandniana aye yuh !! how’d we do ? @ranzkyle @nianaguerrero #onewithnatalia #siblinggoals #5songsmashup ♬ 5 SONGS MASHUP – Samuele Brignoccolo

A list of dance creators wouldn’t be complete without Niana and Ranz Kyle Guerrero. The siblings post awesome dance covers along with their other content such as vlogs, pranks, and challenges. Just last year, they won the Top Creator of the Year Award at the TikTok Awards PH 2021.

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