Hennessy in the Paint Comes to the Philippines, Opens Colorful Basketball Court in CCP Complex

Hennessy, through its global CSR initiative In The Paint, brings its basketball court re-energization project to the Philippines this year. The project, which was created to support local culture and give back to communities, makes its debut at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex on June 27th, the current site of a provisional basketball court behind the historic building. By revitalizing basketball courts around the world, Hennessy aims to rejuvenate communities, infuse urban areas with vitality through the fusion of art and sports, and drive the development of youth community culture.

hennessy in the paint

Before picture of Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex provisional basketball court.

hennessy in the paint

After picture of Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex provisional basketball court (painted by Kiefer Indiongco)

Local artist Kiefer Indiongco (@kiefsix) joins the list of talented artists around the world who have worked in partnership with the brand to curate unique art installations for local basketball courts. Known for his distinct style mixing contemporary minimalism with basketball themes in bright and playful colors. The artwork, aptly named Motion of Emotions captures the dynamism and energy of the game. The inspiration for the court’s design and motif stems from Indiongco’s interpretation of traditional Filipino textile patterns hailing from indigenous tribes in the three main islands of the country, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao reimagined as essential aspects of a basketball court. His contemporary take on the traditional patterns and shapes, blended with the use of his signature vibrant colors creates a fresh rendition of a historically Filipino craft. The completion of the basketball court not only enriches the urban cultural experience in Manila but also creates a new stage for aspiring ball players to showcase their skills.

Hennessy has announced Joakim Noah, an NBA Legend, as an In The Paint ambassador. A player celebrated for his philanthropy and social activism during his 13-season NBA journey, he encapsulates the initiative’s mission to give back. The Philippines welcomes Noah as Hennessy’s special guest to the unveiling of the newly renovated basketball courts where Noah participates in a basketball clinic with local players.

Joakim Noah and Kiefer Indiongco

Joakim Noah and Kiefer Indiongco

In The Paint was first launched in Canada in 2021 and boasts its third court in Asia in the Philippines. Hennessy In the Paint builds off the brand’s rich heritage of artistic collaborations. The initiative creates a platform to express the enthusiasm and passion talent and fans have for the game of basketball globally. Hennessy In the Paint champions local artists who are invited to channel their love for basketball, showcasing creative talents by turning the court into a canvas to create colorful, storytelling art pieces that serve as meaningful meeting points for local communities.

The Hennessy In The Paint basketball court behind the CCP Complex will be open from June this year. Everyone is invited to come out and visit, witness the artwork, and enjoy the spirit of the game. To learn more about Hennessy In the Paint and the different expressions of the collaboration around the world, please visit Hennessy.com.

hennessy in the paint

A Closer Look at Hennessy In The Paint

Hennessy In the Paint is a transformative global initiative that was introduced in 2021. The initiative is a CSR program by leading cognac brand, Hennessy, as part of its global partnership with the NBA that marries the worlds of art and basketball to create vibrant spaces of unity and inspiration. With a commitment to community engagement and revitalization, this project collaborates with local artists to breathe new life into neglected basketball courts. These courts are transformed into colorful canvases, reflecting the diverse cultures and communities that gather to enjoy both the sport and the arts. To date, the program includes courts around the world from Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Barbados, Hong Kong (China), Mexico, and more.

For further information, serves, and collaboration details, please visit Hennessy.com or follow @Hennessy on Instagram.