Hebe: the Goddess of Youth Bags, Shoes and Accessories for Women

For the ladies, pretty bags with the right accessories are must-haves When in Manila. Oh and did I mention how important the shoes are? Women from far and wide can attest these pretty little things can determine the difference between the girls who are, and the girls who aren’t.

Thank the gods for Hebe Manila, an online store that offers style and comfort to the youth, at an affordable price. Definitely an answer to our payers! After all, Hebe is the Goddess of Youth.

Ibiza pumps

I talked with the owners during the Port88 bazaar at Ortigas, Megatent and we found out we’re actually schoolmates! Wow, isn’t that nice? You have two young, beautiful ladies running their own business! They design and transact with manufacturers and more!

The owners, Nadine and CJ, thought about putting up a shop back in high school but they only got to materialize their idea when they reached college. It was accidental, they say, but it turned out really awesome.



Owners of Hebe are definitely an inspiration to the youth who are thinking of putting up a business as early as now. There goes the cliche age doesn’t matter.

Firenze and Avignon

Aztec (Oh I love the blue one!)

Their best seller, the floral Avignon

Look at the pictures above! Didn’t I tell you that Hebe is amazing? So why not revamp your collection and be a lot more fashionable When in Manila? Ladies, it’s just a click away.

Like Hebe’s official page http://www.facebook.com/hebemnl

Shop online with Hebe at http://hebemanila.multiply.com

 Hebe: the Goddess of Youth Bags, Shoes and Accessories for Women

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