Heart Evangelista shares secret in keeping her jewelry extra sparkly

Heart Evangelista is known for her gorgeous looks and bags. Do you know what else Heart loves? All the chic accessories that she wears! And she definitely knows how to keep them looking brand new.


Heart always makes sure that she doesn’t spray perfume on them. She said that it destroys it, most especially the gold ones. Also, it’s important to store them correctly. Always make sure to air out your jewelry very often so that it won’t deteriorate in a way. Lastly, Heart shared her secret when it comes to cleaning her jewelry. Her neat hack is using tooth powder. For those who aren’t that familiar with it, it’s the white powder that your dentist uses to clean your teeth. As per Heart, you can also use it for your jewelry and it makes it extra sparkly! Just use a toothbrush to powder it onto your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. This will get rid of the tarnish and dust. Another pro tip: this trick works best with silver!

Will you try this neat hack?