Heart Evangelista admits: “I’m maarte, you know. And it’s fine!”

Let me go ahead and admit this first: Heart Evangelista’s vlogs are one of my guilty pleasures. She has an openness and unapologetic quality to her personality that just draws people in. All the hate she gets for being ‘high maintenance’ or ‘maarte’ is taken in stride and I think it sets a great example of embracing who you are (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else).

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This was especially apparent in her newest vlog, where she took to the camera to either confirm or deny people’s assumptions about her. Many of those assumptions revolved around her lifestyle and at times where others would balk at having to answer, Heart only delivered the simple truth.

When asked if she wore make-up every time she went out she instantly answered of course and ended by saying: “I love it, don’t you? It’s fun to be a girl.” On wearing jewelry, she shared that she was rarely without it and even slept, swam, and showered with it. She joked, “I’m maarte, you know. And it’s fine!”

In a time where femininity is still looked down on and society prefers women to be pliable and easily pleased, it’s important to appreciate answers like these. They question why there needs to be something wrong with being labeled maarte or high maintenance when they’re not inherently problematic traits.

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So many girls still try to conform to what others want from them. They try to be “chill” or “cool” or “not like other girls” because there’s a bias against being a girly-girl. But empowerment is about recognizing that there is no right or wrong way to be a woman. So be whoever you want to be, and let others be as they will.

What do you think about this?