Is Heart Evangelista in China for the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Sequel?

Last year, the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians‘ made waves all over the world; and while we loved the cast, we couldn’t help but hope and wish that Filipina sweetheart Heart Evangelista had made the cut. Heart had previously admitted to having had auditioned for the movie and since she’s close friends with the author of the book, Kevin Kwan, we thought it was in the bag.

Sadly, it was not so.

Now that Heart has been in China for the week, though, people have been speculating that she might be there for the much-awaited sequel of the movie entitled ‘China Rich Girlfriend’.

Whilst on the plane on her way to China, Heart posted a photo of her window view with the caption, “As I looked out my window today, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Here I am about to embark on an adventure like no other and I couldn’t be more excited.

” Could that adventure be ‘China Rich Girlfriend’?

Whether or not it is, she definitely looked the part.

Don’t you just love her style? Let’s hope ‘busy days ahead’ means a movie in the works!

Doesn’t this look like it could be a scene from the movie?

So far, Heart has not confirmed or denied being in the sequel, but we definitely hope she is. She would be fabulous in it, don’t you agree?