Healthy Eating in Manila at Earth Kitchen

When In Manila and on a healthy diet, it’s not so easy to find restaurants that cater to our needs. Thankfully, I found Earth Kitchen!

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city lies a restaurant that refreshes you from inside out. As fellow writer, Philippe Villareal would put it, “it feels like home.” Earth Kitchen is not the typical restaurant with overly decorated walls and furniture, either. Owner Melissa Yeung shares how she wanted to keep Earth Kitchen as simple as possible with a touch of green.

As we walked in, one of the first things I actually noticed were the plants all around. And as we got comfortable in our seats, I browsed the restaurant more only to realize we were enclosed in gardens! Not only were we eating healthier today, but we also felt healthier because of Earth Kitchen’s ambience and fresh air.

Healthy Eating in Manila at Earth Kitchen White Plains 25Healthy Eating in Manila at Earth Kitchen


Earth Kitchen only opened its doors to the public last July 28, 2013 and are still on soft opening. They therefore ask for everyone’s patience as they are still adjusting their serving time.


This healthy and organic restaurant first started in hopes of supporting local farmers and indigenous communities. Their dishes are specifically crafted to showcase the produce of the Got Heart Farms in Tarlac and their partner communities from Luzon to Mindanao. Earth Kitchen is a partnership project of Got Heart Foundation, Hizon’s Catering, Chef David Hizon, Chef JR Trani and people like you who would support their projects. They currently have 80 community partners and would like to have at least 100 by the end of the year.


The owners of Earth Kitchen hope to sustain the livelihood of marginalized communities and encourage more farmers to produce good, healthy food without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and harmful inputs like petroleum-based urea, herbicides and pesticides.


Basically, Earth Kitchen’s goal besides serving better and healthier food is to be able to help more farmers sustain their livelihoods! A restaurant for a cause if I would say so myself.

Healthy_Eating_in_Manila_Earth_Kitchen_02Healthy Eating in Manila at Earth Kitchen


As mentioned earlier, Earth Kitchen is surrounded by gardens! I really liked how owner Melissa Yeung made sure that there was enough space for the plants to grow. Here, I felt that the plants were just as much a priority as the people. Two thumbs up for that! Sorry for the blurry image below. These kids were running all around in Earth Kitchen’s spacious garden found behind the restaurant.




Healthy Eating in Manila at Earth Kitchen: Healthy and Organic Food Choices


Almost everything served in Earth Kitchen is made from scratch – their ice cream, pasta, risotto, soups, tortilla, etc. The reason they prefer making their own ingredients is to  make sure it’s healthy and be more aware of what really goes into our food as well as getting the chance to source more natural ingredients locally. If you wish to avail of their products, you can also easily purchase them next door in the Got Heart Shop. They have the most amazing and healthy food there, even a few toys for the kids made by the farmers themselves.


Healthy_Eating_in_Manila_Earth_Kitchen_05The Got Heart Shop is located right beside Earth Kitchen


Healthy_Eating_in_Manila_Earth_Kitchen_01The team went grocery shopping at Got Heart!


Lately, I’ve grown more conscious of the food I eat. I’m slowly learning and realizing how unhealthy most of our food is and how difficult it can be to stay healthy in this time and age. Moreover, when going out with friends, the most affordable restaurants I could find were also the most unhealthy. It was such a relief to hear about this new restaurant that only serves healthy and organic food at affordable prices. It’s about time we started becoming more aware of our food and begin healthy eating!


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