Hawk Bags are Summer-Ready for You

Having the perfect summer bag is clearly everyone’s goal! Either for a simple stroll at the beach or for an out-of-town adventure, or even for a sweet and short summertime weekend with friends and loved ones; we are all on the lookout for seamless traveling gear.

Hawk Bags Summer 2

Just recently, Hawk Bags held a summer open shoot at Splash Island covering sexy and dazzling hawk babes. The event was graced by 20 scorching models and at least 30 photographers known in the metro. “The photo shoot desires to give the brand (Hawk Bags) an extra edge as the top backpack choice, especially this summer season. Hawk babes really captured the essence of our brand being the new cool and chic gear!” says Mr. Cyrus Villarosa, Marketing Manager of Hawk Bags. The campaign gives extra credit on how the brand immersed itself into summer.

Hawk Bags Summer

Hawk bags now re-present themselves in a whole new collection with remarkable colors and a vibrant feel. They said they love the reactions they have been getting from students and young professionals that their bags are durable yet are presented in different fashionable looks. Quality and design, in one bag: Hawk Bag!

Hawk Bags Summer 2

In the days to come, expect more from Hawk Bags. More exciting bags to come, more reasons to enjoy your journeys and adventures. Watch out for more designs available in all leading department stores nationwide.

Hawk Bags

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