WATCH: Harry Styles Disrupts Traffic By Twerking On Car For A Crosswalk Concert

James Corden has taken his Crosswalk shows to another level. While his Crosswalk Musicals were already a sight to see, he upped the ante for the very first Crosswalk Concert — for none other than Harry Styles.

As with the other Crosswalk segments, the performances stuck to the following procedures: 30-second numbers would take place in the middle of a zebra crossing as the traffic light went to “stop”. The performers would then dash off the busy road once the light changed back to “go”.

After being convinced by James to give the Crosswalk Concert a try, Harry gave his all and looked like he was loving it. You’ll even catch him twerking on the hood of a car and ziplining onto the middle of a busy street! You can watch the whole ‘concert’ below:

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Harry performed his songs Kiwi, Watermelon Sugar, and Sign of the Times. All numbers were creatively produced by James, though some trod the line between ‘madness’ and ‘genius’ according to Harry.

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